A look at common legal specializations

legal specializations

Legal specializations are specific areas within the legal field. Attorneys choose a legal specialty during their graduate studies for their law degree. 

One reason lawyers choose a legal specialty is to narrow the focus of their research and ensure they have the expertise needed to handle legal cases within their field of specialty effectively. There are over a dozen legal specialties, including civil rights, criminal law, and family law. These classifications generally group legal areas. Practicing lawyers may concentrate on common legal specializations, such as criminal or family law, or work in another legal area, such as personal injury law. 

Personal Injury Law

legal specializations

Personal injury lawyers represent people who’ve been injured in accidents. Whether their accident was caused by employer negligence or a car accident, the injured party’s personal injury attorney prepares their personal injury case and fights to ensure they receive fair compensation for property damage, medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. These lawyers also negotiate settlements with insurance companies and inform clients of benefits they may be eligible to receive. 

People who’ve suffered a severe injury in Albuquerque can find a personal injury law firm with years of experience handling personal injury cases by Googling “personal injury lawyers in Albuquerque.” Personal injury lawyers also handle medical malpractice cases and birth injury lawsuits. It’s normal for personal injury attorneys to offer potential clients a free consultation. Free consultations ensure clients feel comfortable with the law firm they hire, and the lawyers can be confident their client has grounds to pursue a legal case.

Labour Law

Labour law addresses how employers operate and treat their employees. Companies must follow the law, treat employees fairly, and maintain suitable working conditions. Mistreated employees may seek legal representation from a labour law expert, such as Malliha Wilson. Labour law experts pursue legal action against workers who violate employee rights, fail to maintain safe working conditions, or fail to pay staff. Employees may also hire a labour law attorney if they’ve been terminated without cause.

Immigration Law

Immigration attorneys file applications for immigrants who hope to enter a country legally or remain in a country. These lawyers may represent refugees or clients attempting to immigrate to pursue career opportunities. Immigration lawyers also file applications for fiances who plan to marry a citizen of another country.

Immigration lawyers may also defend clients in deportation hearings and attempt to find grounds to enable their clients to stay in the country.

Family Law


Most people who’ve been through a divorce or custody battle have dealt with a family law attorney. Family law attorneys file divorce and custody cases and represent their clients’ interests in court. They may be able to negotiate an agreement on behalf of their client in a divorce case or present evidence during a trial to demonstrate why their client should have custody of minor children. Family law attorneys also help clients secure alimony and child support.

Family law attorneys may also work with clients before they get married and help them prepare a prenuptial agreement. These lawyers also handle adoption cases and represent clients taking the steps required to adopt a child legally.

Criminal Law

Lawyers who specialize in criminal law are the lawyers usually featured on TV dramas. There are two types of attorneys in this specialty. District attorneys and prosecutors represent the interests of the people or their state. They’re the ones who opt to proceed with criminal proceedings against suspected criminals. 

Criminal lawyers defend people accused of committing crimes. Some may work on pro bono cases and represent people who can’t afford an attorney. Criminal attorneys also represent paying clients. Their clientele includes people charged with any crime, including murder, human trafficking, fraud, and robbery.

Business Law


Business lawyers may be employed by companies or law firms. They review company protocols and documents to ensure they comply with applicable laws and regulations. These attorneys may review contracts before companies sign them or create contracts for their clients. They also prepare and file legal documents on behalf of their clients.

There are multiple legal specialties. Some of the most common legal specialties include family law and criminal law. Other common legal specialties include personal injury law, labour law, immigration law, and business law.

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