‘Montreal Kneels for Change’ live event

Montreal Kneels for Change

As part of Montreal Black History Month, a special Instagram Live event ‘Montreal Kneels for Change’ will take place on February 24, 8:15 p.m., in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and as a way of speaking out against, and creating awareness of, the injustices that the Black community of Montreal has been going through recently.

The event, which will take place on Instagram on @mtl_community_cares, is being organized by Denburk Reid and the Montreal Community Cares Foundation. Called “Montreal Kneels for Change”, the event is similar to the one that was held on June 7 at Loyola Park. It will feature a number of speeches from various community leaders, as well as some musical presentations. As well, it will
honour Sheffield Matthews and denounce the unjust arrest of Mamadi Camara back on January 28.

Montreal Kneels for Change held on June 7 at Loyola Park

“As a community, we are witnessing protests all over the world calling for justice and equality for everyone,” said Mr. Reid, who is the founder and executive director of the foundation. “As a community, we must come together and demonstrate our solidarity with this global call to action.”

Mr. Reid also stated that he hopes the event will attract over 10,000 participants. As well, he hopes that the following goals will be realized in the future:

  • accountability from those who have sworn to protect and serve the community
  • building bridges through dialogue
  • the creation of a community intervention response system and program
  • the ensuring of a safe community through the investment towards creating programs that will both empower youth and lead them on the road towards a positive future

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