Best Montreal zeppoles

Best Montreal zeppoles

Seeing that March 19th (known as Saint Joseph’s Day to most Italians) is just around the corner and the traditional dessert for that day is zeppole, we at the Montreal Times thought we would go on a quest to find the best Montreal zeppoles. The zeppole only comes out once a year, usually the beginning of February to Easter. If you don’t know what a zeppole is we are about to change your life.

We asked our readers in early February their recommendations and low and be hold we were bombarded. Unfortunately, we might have gained a few pounds but we took one for the team.

Here is our list of best Montreal zeppoles:

La Conca d’Oro

It was little overwhelming when we walked into this delectable smelling bakery. We wanted to buy everything we saw. I had to refrain and only look at the zeppoles. I was there on a mission. The showcase was full of zeppoles and we tried them all. Nutella ricotta, pistachio ricotta, strawberry ricotta, riccotta and last but not least custard. The pastry was airy and baked to perfection. The fillings were delicious and so creamy. All of them equally mouth watering, delightful and so satisfying.

La Conca d’Oro bakery have been a Montreal staple since 1963. Husband and wife team Sergio Lanniciello, head chef and Diana Battista purchase the bakery in 2002 and moved it across the street to a new location. Diana along with daughter Alexia Lanniciello will make sure you are served with a beautiful smile and walk out with all the goodies you need. Hurry though because the zeppole are only there for a few more weeks.

Feature image: La Conca d’Oro strawberry ricotta zeppole

2550 Rue Jean Talon East, Montreal, Quebec H2A 1T9

(514) 728-2756 /

Pasticceria Alati-Caserta

Pasticceria Alati-Caserta have been making Italian desserts and goodies since 1968. This Italian bakery is a staple and a must when visiting Little Italy in Montreal. At the moment they have two types of zeppoles, baked and fried with fillings of custard or ricotta The fried zeppole was outstanding, the core overflowing with ricotta or custard filling. I found the baked zeppole had the perfect balance of pastry and filling. Both pure magic!

On March 16th – 21st they will showcase a number of different flavours of Zeppole:

  • Chocolate ricotta
  • Limoncello ricotta
  • Pistachio ricotta
  • Tiramisu cream
  • Gianduia cream (choco-hazelnut)
  • Nocciola (hazelnut)
  • Ricotta
  • Custard

277 Rue Dante, Montréal, Québec H2S 1K3

(514) 271-3013 /

Patisserie San Marco

Be prepared to be transported to Italy as you enter this jewel of an Italian Bakery. Patisserie San Marco has been serving Montrealers since 1962 in the same location. The secret recipes have been handed down two generations. We tried two different zeppoles, custard and the other other ricotta. Patisserie San Marco zeppoles are fried balls of pate choux dough tweaked with a family secret and then infused with the perfect amount of their creamy delightful filling, topped with powdered sugar.

1581 Jean Talon St E, Montreal, Quebec H2E 1S9

(514) 727-5401 /

N.D.G. Bakery / Boulangerie & Pâtisserie Charcuterie N.D.G

N.D.G Bakery needs no introduction. Everything made is with love. Their zeppole is traditional fried dough with filling inserted. FRESH is one word that can describe this Italian bakery. We tried a ricotta filled and a chantilly cream filled zeppole. We tried one of each to see which one was better however, I ended up trying four with still no answer. Sooooooo good!

5801 Upper Lachine Rd. NDG, Quebec, H4A 2B6

(514) 481-4215

Patisserie Boulangerie Meridionale Caravella zeppole ricotta, custard, custard and nutella

Patisserie Boulangerie Meridionale Caravella

This family run business has been selling Italian traditional pastries since 1978. We tried three Zeppoles – ricotta, custard and ricotta with Nutella. Fresh, fresh fresh. The zeppoles are creamy and the dough fried to perfection. The smell as you walk in the door is pure heaven with super friendly service.

1699, rue Thierry, LaSalle, Quebec, H8N 1H6

(514) 363-2760 /

Patisserie Dolce Sappore

Patisserie Dolce Sappore with three locations in Laval, Montreal and Mascouche offer clients a variety of Zeppole flavours this holiday season! Their original ricotta is a must have but their lobster tail and pistachio flavours will definitely blow your mind ! Want a hint of Nutella? They got it. A light drizzle on top of their ricotta classic is the perfect sweet combination. Their dough is fluffy, not too oily and always fresh! 

RIVIÈRE-DES-PRAIRIES – 10494 Perras boulevard
Montreal, Quebec H1C 2H7 (514) 678-1571 /

VIMONT – 2000 René-Laennec boulevard
Laval, Quebec H7M 4J8 (450) 629-5115

MASCOUCHE – 2500 Av de L’Esplanade
Mascouche, Quebec J7K 0T4 (450) 474-0477

L’atelier Sucre et Sel

L’atelier Sucre et Sel zeppole is a sort of hybrid where Italy meets France. Head chefs Bianca Di Girolamo from Montreal and chef Dylan Nocera from France have created a baked zeppole instead of the traditional frying method. The zeppole are then cut in half like a bagel and filled with ricotta, chocolate or Vanilla and pistachio spread. The filling is so creamy, light and a fusion of flavours from France and Italy. They truly have made a hip new zeppole.

4501 Boul Des Grandes Prairies, Saint-Léonard, Quebec H1R 1A5 (514) 442-5150 / (514) 559-0400 /

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