Four multi-purpose kitchen gadgets for your home

multi-purpose kitchen gadgets

The kitchen is one of the most used places in your house. Often we have too many kitchen appliances at home that we need ample storage space for them. However space has been very limited especially living in urban cities hence the need for these multi-purpose kitchen gadgets.

For space-saving purposes, we always look for ways to combine our kitchen appliances. This is where multi-purpose gadgets come into play.

kitchen gadgets

Let’s look at four gadgets you can get for your kitchen.

Blender food processor combo

A blender food processor combo comes with much-needed components such as a food processor and a blender. This means you can make juices, food pairings, prepare ingredients for cake baking, and more.

Most food processor blender combos come with different jugs and blades for other purposes. There are different speed settings to achieve different consistency for your ingredient.

And as expected, the components are easy to remove, clean, and install, so you don’t have to worry about the hygiene aspect.

Stand mixer with attachment

Traditional stand mixers have only one function, mixing ingredients. Aside from the core function that allows you to knead bread dough and whip eggs, modern stand mixers like the KitchenAid stand mixer comes with an extra attachment that transforms it into multi-purpose equipment.

Some excellent attachments include a meat grinder, pasta maker, vegetable sheet cutter, juicer, and many more. The machine could be permanently on your countertop. All you need is to have different attachments to perform other kitchen tasks.

Water filter pitchers

Water filter pitchers came into the market to improve water filtration on an individual level. It is a quick solution for urban tap water that is contaminated with chlorine taste and odour.

Although they are small in size, some pitchers are equipped with amazing features that include removing heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and arsenic. Furthermore, alkaline water pitchers can raise the pH level, which is just as good as the $3000 water ionizers.

Aside from being a water filter, it can be used as a regular water jug. They usually are sleek in design and will easily fit in the refrigerator.

High-end multi-purpose cooker

Traditional multi-purpose cookers usually will have different functions such as bake, cook, and steam function. However, a high-end multi-purpose range packed with more than 20 functions into a small kitchen appliance.  One of the leading brands is Thermomix.

It is designed to measure, chop raw ingredients and cook them in the small kitchen appliance. It replaces the need to have a weighing scale, removes the need to prepare raw ingredients, and the pre-programmed function makes sure that your food tastes the same every time you cook it.  

It is the holy grail of cooker but could set you back around $3000.


As you can see, the above multi-purpose kitchen appliances can reduce the need for you to have multiple gadgets. It saves the storage and countertop space in your kitchen.

Start investing in one today.

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