Montreal vegan bakery Sophie Sucrée pleases even more palates with new savoury menu

Montreal vegan bakery

Montreal Vegan Bakery – After paving the way for fine plant-based pastries and desserts in Montréal for more than 9 years, Sophie Sucrée is adding a whole new savoury menu to its lineup. As of today, guests can now enjoy rustic French & Mediterranean-inspired soups, salads, gourmet sandwiches, and pizza by the slice. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the full mouthwatering menu!

“I take my inspiration from decadent French pastries, bold Mediterranean flavours, and nostalgic North American staples,” says Milène Laoun, Owner and Founder of Sophie Sucrée. “This menu not only reflects the rich culinary milieu of Montréal, but also the foods and flavours from my childhood that have become so close to my heart. It’s the simple classics, done right.”

For almost a decade, Sophie Sucrée has been blowing locals away with its technically complex vegan pastries and aims to do the same with its savoury dishes by utilizing the simplicity of high-quality, fresh vegetables in tandem with modern plant-based culinary techniques.

“The most important thing to us is that the flavours stand out and the texture is on point,” says Ben Lamarche, Head Baker at Montreal vegan bakerySophie Sucrée“When you get that right, that’s when food evolves from just being tasty to becoming an experience.”

He goes on to add that “Montrealers are looking for tasty, sustainable on-the-go options. With our new lunch menu we want to make it easy for them to incorporate more plant-based meals into their day-to-day.”

Open 7 days a week, now you can have your cake and eat your lunch, too! 

About Sophie Sucrée -Serving Montrealers since 2013, Sophie Sucrée is an artisanal vegan bakery located in the heart of the Plateau (3770 Saint Laurent Blvd.). From classic homestyle baked goods to fine French pastries, everything is made in-house and from scratch using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. By fusing traditional techniques and modern ingredients, the small business crafts high-quality fare that is enjoyed daily by both vegans and non-vegans alike.

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