The Grand PoutineFest is in the Old Port of Montreal

The Grand PoutineFest

The Grand PoutineFest is in the Old Port of Montreal from July 21 to August 1 for its famous food festival. After having travelled to several cities in a drive-through version, the Old Port PoutineFest and all future events will be held in a pedestrian format, to enjoy original and exotic poutines while respecting public health rules.

At the Quai de l’horloge, six of our famous foodtrucks will offer twenty different combinations of fries, gravy and squick-squick cheese, in vegan versions or topped with ribs, pulled pork, bacon, sausage, general tao chicken, crispy tofu and more! In addition to our multitude of delicious poutines, refresh yourself with Archibald products or homemade lemonade. For those with a sweet tooth, the Cabane à chichi will offer its famous churros.

The Grand PoutineFest
The Grand PoutineFest

Enjoy your poutine on a terrace

  • The festival site will be divided into 4 terraces (zones) with a capacity of 250 people each. (Maximum capacity of 1000 people)
  • Each terrace will be set up to allow people to eat and to respect social distancing.  
  • There will be one hostess per terrace to take drink orders (beers and liquors) and bring the orders to the festival-goers’ tables.
  • Festival-goers can order from the foodtrucks themselves. However, they will have to wait for the hostess of the zone to give them the right to order.

A festive event in a warm and family atmosphere

On site, festival-goers will be able to celebrate in a warm and family atmosphere while enjoying a variety of entertainment, such as an on-site DJ, children’s activities, and continuous strolling entertainment by Cirque Éloize. Every day, except August 1st, six Cirque artists will perform the following disciplines: acrobatic bicycle, hand-to-hand, juggling and hula hoop.

The entertainment activities will always take place in the center of the site in order to respect social distancing and avoid contact between festival-goers and the various artists. Festival-goers will be able to stay as long as they wish on the festival site. However, they will not be able to change terraces (zones) as these will be demarcated.

Once again this year, the Grand PoutineFest will travel the province all summer long. Here are the next events to come:

Saint-Hyacinthe : August 12th to 15th

Québec : August 19th to 22th

Trois-Rivières : August 27th to 29th

About the Grand FoodFest – Since 2014, the Grand FoodFest has been offering family and gourmet events where a wide variety of poutines are offered by its street food trucks throughout Quebec, with the goal of raising funds for a local cause. Over 25 organizations have benefited from the profits made from the sale of poutines, alcoholic beverages and merchandise over the past six years. These famous trucks include Smoking BBQ, Charlie’s Shack, Cantine chez Henri, Greg’s Dinner, Smoking Dragon and Mama Caliente.

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