Montreal’s best tacos you need to try

Montreal's best tacos

Montreal is certainly known for it’s delicious cuisine and the Mexican Taco was next on our list to search for Montreal’s best Tacos. We asked our readers to send in their favourite Montreal Taco joint and then we were off tasting for Montreal’s best tacos. Beef, chicken, fish, home made hot sauces, guacamole and tortillas were all to be judged to find the perfect balance of freshness, seasoning and heat.

It was no coincidence that the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner as well. So grab a corona or tequila and try these amazing taco joints with us. Ola!

Montreal’s best Tacos

El Gordo

El Gordo is located on Notre-Dame in Little Burgandy and screams authentic Mexican Taco tequila hang out spot. El Gordo is an industrial design with a small terrace and great vibe fully licensed restaurant.

We tried three different tacos that was served with a taste of Mexican rice and cabbage slaw it comes two per serving:

Pollo Feliz: Perfectly grilled gaujillo marinated grain fed chicken thighs, chipotle mayo, smoked corn salsa & poblano

Pollo Feliz: (If you love fresh creamy guacamole this taco is for you). Fried chicken pieces, chipotle mayo, huge amounts of guacamole, cilantro, creamy cabbage & apple slaw.

Arrachera: Grilled marinated skirtt steak, pico de gallo, salsa verde and loaded pickled jalapeños, ( the perfect kick for heat).

El Gordo is the perfect place to unwind after a hard days work and have a fantastic margarita, tequila or beer to go with your taco. Super friendly staff! Delivery.

El Gordo

2518 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, Quebec H3J 1N5

(438) 387-6969 /

Frida Tacos

If you are looking for an authentic taco at a very reasonable price Frida Tacos on Notre-Dame Street has you covered. Owned and operated by mother Aurora and son Enrique team which opened 6 years ago.

The tacos come in packs of three and are a descent size. We tried Tinga: shredded chicken with onions, lettuce, tomato-chipotle sauce and sour cream. Beef Tacos: grilled beef served with onions and coriander. Chorizo con Papa: ground spicy pork with potato and cheese. All made with a corn tortilla, amazing fresh guacamole on the side with delicious hot sauces to spice it up for $8.95 each ( 3 tacos).  The tortillas Frida Taco use are made in Oaxaca, Mexico with a very special artisanal process.

All the recipes are made by Aurora and are from a traditional Oaxacan cuisine. This taqueria is definitely the best for the price.

Frida Tacos

4350 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, Quebec H4C 2W6

(514) 935-9696 /

Tacos Victor

In 2001 Victor Soto arrived in the St Henri from a small village called Tultitlán close to Mexico City. Victor opened up Taco Victor with his towns signature tacos with fries, you might have thought it was a Quebec influence however, it’s not. In Tultitlán they served fries with the tacos.

The tacos are a good size and sell for $6.50 per taco. Taco Victor has steak, chorizo, shrimp, veggie, tongue, sirloin or vegetarian. Everything is made in house fresh and full of flavours. A wide range of sauces are available for your palate of heat. Fully license and great music. Delivery available as well as dinning in.

Tacos Victor

4280 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, Quebec H4C 1R6

(514) 932-6837 /

La Cantina Mexican Resto Bar

La Cantina is located on Stanley Street just up from de Maisonneuve O and offers a range of tacos regular and fried (Tacos dorées). La Cantina offers 8 different tacos served up in groups of three and the fried had four per serving, (can be shared with two people). We tried beef and chicken fried tacos which is a rolled fried taco served with feta cheese, sour cream, lettuce, picked onions and coriander (seen above in the middle).

The next taco was called Brisket au Saudero, tender beef brisket, onions and coriander wrapped in a fresh tortillas. Fully licensed bar, delivery.

La Cantina

2022 Stanley St, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1R6

(514) 357-2173

Le Roi Du Taco

Mtl Best Tacos

El Rey del Taco on Jean-Talon otherwise known as Le Roi du Taco is nestled in the Jean-Talon market in Little Italy offering its customers authentic Mexican tacos with a variety of flavours since 2009. Not only do they serve great food, but they also have a small grocery department where you can find the freshest guacamole and hot sauces along with dried peppers, tortillas and canned foods.

Their most famous tacos are El pastor – a marinated pork taco with achiote sauce, guajillo chilli, and pineapple. Obviously had to try it so we did! The pork was tender and the tacos were small, just the way they are in Mexico; on a small tortilla packed with flavours. We were lucky enough to try their chicken, fish and beef tacos as well. The fish tacos were my favorite! Fresh white fish with cilantro, lime and a light sauce.

Not in the mood for tacos? No problem. El Rey del Taco also offers tamales, quesadillas, burritos and a wide array of other Mexican favourites. Right now they are offering pick-up and delivery with services like Uber Eats and DoorDash.

Le Roi Du Taco

232 Jean Talon st E, Montreal, H2R 1S7

(514) 274-3336 / Facebook / Instagram

Restaurant Amaranto

Tucked away in the heart of Monkland Village in Notre Dame de Grace, Restaurant Amaranto has been wowing its customers for over 14 years with delicious authentic Mexican Tacos.

The tortillas, spice, and guacamole and home made hot sauces and drinks will set your taste buds on an adventure of pleasure.

We tried three different tacos: Chicken tacos: a fried chicken taco filled with shredded chicken breast, topped with sou cream, crumbled cheese, lettuce and garden fresh tomato, (order comes with three, cut in half). ($11)

Tacos al pastor: 4 soft-shelled tacos filled with marinated pork in a mix of dried spices and peppers, topped with pineapple, fresh chopped onion and cilantro. ($12)

Tacos de Saudero: 4 soft shell tacos filled with marinated beef cooked perfectly, topped with fresh chopped onion, cilantro.($12)

Next time your around Monkland Village run in and take some to go, you will be extremely happy you did.

Restaurant Amaranto

5974 Ave de Monklnad, N.D.G., Montreal, Quebec H4G 1G8

(514) 510-1225 /


Montreal tacos

Ok, I know what you are thinking from the picture but it is a taco, a French taco from France, not a Mexican Taco. It’s more like a panini made sandwich with homemade ingredients and then pressed in a special panini press. Their meats are marinated by hand everyday and their delicious signature cheese sauce is made in house.

TacoTac have a wide selection of Tacos or you can make your own creation. The tacos come in three sizes Medium ($6.99), Large ($8.99) and X-large ($12.99) for that hungry person.

We made our own taco creation with Philly Steak, Onions Mozzarella and samourai sauce which was amazing. (Just writing about it makes me want another one). Plus we ordered a L’original, marinated chicken, fried onions, cheddar and there special cheese sauce. They also have a vegetarian taco, fried eggplant and zucchini, mushrooms, fried onions and Swiss cheese.

If you want something unique and flavourful give it a try.


155 Jean Talon St E, Montreal, Quebec H2R 1S8

(514) 495-7885 /

We hoped you liked our pick of Montreal’s best tacos. Please send us an email and let us know your top choice.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo (pronounced [ˈsiŋko̞ ðe̞ ˈma̠ʝo̞] in Mexico, Spanish for “Fifth of May”) is an annual celebration held on May 5. The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza. The victory of the smaller Mexican force against a larger French force was a boost to morale for the Mexicans. Zaragoza died months after the battle due to illness. A year after the battle, a larger French force defeated the Mexican army at the Second Battle of Puebla, and Mexico City soon fell to the invaders.

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