What is the difference in yogurt and which is healthy?

difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt

Healthy – Do you drink or eat Greek or regular ? Yogurt is so beneficial food to the human body, overall metabolism, and digestive system.

This dairy product is popular across the globe and each corner of the world has its own yogurt culture. Both Greek along with regular are packed with high-quality nutrients that support health. Now, you may wonder what’s the difference between these two, if there is any… Here is what makes them unique.

Healthy yogurts
Healthy yogurts

Regular Yogurt

Regular is made by a very traditional method that includes heated milk, bacteria, and waiting for fermentation until it reaches a specific level.

Once the milk reaches an acidic pH of about 4.5. it has to cool down. Once the milk is cold other ingredients can be added.

The final product may vary in thickness – yogurt can be drinkable or can be used in greek-style, eaten with a spoon.

In most cases, plain yogurt has a slightly sour taste, although it’s sweeter than Greek-style.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt requires more milk than regular yogurt to be made. Greek yogurt is richer in volume and that’s why it demands more milk.

As expected, since Greek yogurt requires more milk the price is slightly higher compared to regular yogurt. Regular yogurt comes with many nutritional benefits, but Greek follows this as well.

Greek yogurt can support your overall health and boost your immune system.

When in doubt whether you should try greek yogurt or not, think of greek benefits, because:

  • Greek yogurt is packed with proteins
  • Greek yogurt is rich in probiotic
  • Greek yogurt is high in calcium
  • Your body will benefit from greek thanks to B12
  • One serving of Greek comes with 6.8% of daily potassium
  • If you train, Greek yogurt could be your workout recovery food

Is one style healthier for you than the other?

One thing is for sure – you can’t make a wrong decision no matter which yogurt you choose. They are both healthy choices. So, it all comes down to personal preferences and your cooking/eating habits.

For example, certain recipes go better with creamy Greek , while others praise regular yogurt.

Again, you can decide on your own what works better for you. If you want an easy way to intake more protein, or a meal, a snack, or even a post-workout snack, Greek yogurt is the best choice, due to its high protein level.

It will control blood sugar and slow digestion. If you mind the sour taste of dairy products, then regular yogurt should be a fine option.

The Bottom Line

Greek is thicker than regular yogurt and is far from being sweet. On the other hand, regular yogurt has a softer texture and sweeter taste.

Greek is packed with proteins, making it a great option for quick snacks, recovery food, or an addition to rich lunch.

You cannot go wrong with eating either, as long as you choose what you love.

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