Pick your deck railing designs for elegance and safety

deck railing designs

Although you should take a great deal of care in selecting the deck materials that provide the floor of your deck, the deck railings add just as much esthetic contact. In reality, the deck railings are the first thing you see from most vantage points even when seen from a distance. With that in mind, the railing that you chose determines the look and style of your deck.

Depending on the view from your balcony and inside your building, you may like a railing that you can see through with limited interference, or you might want a sturdier railing that draws attention to itself. Before you pick, study how costly the railing would be, how complicated it would be to build, and how much repair work will be done in the years to come. Take a look at Railings Toronto for a fine set of sturdy railings. Read on to get an idea of how you should select the design and material of the railings in your home.

Ideas with Aluminium Porch Railing

Tidmore-Reveal Bronze

Anything but simple, the look of bronze railing complements the rich shades of natural wood, giving your deck a stunning tonal theme. Bronze railing provides an attractive, natural contrast to greenery, overlooking a tree-lined courtyard. This timeless style of aluminum railing fits well with a more rustic look, as well as with a stylish decoration in bold light or dark shades. The best part about aluminium railings is that it will never rust.

Twin Lakes

Aluminum railing is never out of style. Robust polished aluminum railing lends a modern touch to the deck. A pair of natural-looking aluminum railings in a neutral tone for a new and sleek look.


Clean and plain, black aluminum railings offer a timeless look to the deck. Black railings and balustrades come with virtually every type of deck boards, allowing you the chance to upgrade your look with a quick change of furniture or decor.

Curved rail ideas

Pugh Air Curve

A softly curved aluminum railing adds tone-on-tone patterns on this broad, rounded deck. Deep bronze aluminum railings work with darker highlights to make them pop. Not only does the railing curve lend the deck a jaw-dropping look, it amps up the tone-on-tone appearance of the deck in different shades of brown.

Pritchett Rail Curve

Curved aluminum railings in rich brown offer a comparison to the natural wood-shaped deck. It brings a coastal feel to your deck, no matter where you reside. Matching aluminum balustrades provides a dimension, while white posts provide a splash of red. This type of railing makes for a safe, durable addition to the deck and fits just as well with beach wicker furniture or a timeless wooden rocking chair.

Fresh Hampshire

Unique-yet-versatile, angled railings can fit with virtually every type of deck material. Here’s a rustic theme deck with a fashionably weathered look that closely suits the angled aluminum railing overlooking the lake. The bronze aluminum shades of the railing give it a near-monochromatic look. The natural appearance of the deck and the polished sheen of the aluminum railings add shine to this look.

Wooden Adirondack

If you like the “poolside” to rest a little higher, install a curved aluminum railing to the raised deck, facing the inner pool in the backyard. Wooden Adirondack chairs are a virtually ideal fit for the deck material, giving it a color-coordinated feel. Apply color bursts to your furniture to alter your style year after year.

Leesburg-Fire pits

Fire pits have become common in recent years, rendering the backyard an outdoor extension of your living room a venue for entertaining visitors. A dual-level deck with built-in seats at the foot of your railing—right near the fire pit—can allow the most room and have a dramatic touch for outdoor gatherings. In the meanwhile, the top-level railing slowly spirals from the uppermost section, all the way down to the lower-level, making a semi-circle around the fire pit.

Ideas with timber railing

Wicker and rattan furniture

Wicker and rattan furniture will boost the wow factor of a beautiful deck and render it much more appealing. Contrasting shades inside the weave of wicker furniture will balance light and dark shades of wood decking and railing elements, drawing the look together. Cushions and throws will add fun bursts to a soothing backyard oasis.

With its elegant, streamlined style, the bar railing has become a favorite among homeowners. Horizontal aluminum rods stretch between posts, offering a new, modern look. Its low-maintenance style has only boosted its success.

Tone mapped

Horizontal bar railing looks fantastic on an elevated or rooftop deck, providing a modern approach to the outdoor theme. Keeping the look relaxed and classy, the furniture maintains straight lines clear in your outdoor room. Take a few traditional outdoor decoration elements—like wicker deck furniture and wide potted plants—and give them a new twist that plays away from the linear look of the rod railing. Vote for square pottery to give a jolt of green and lounge chairs that are more square than round to create a chic outdoor room that fits with fashionable rod railings.

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