Ten woodworking basics every woodworker should know

woodworking basics

Woodworking is the most fascinating occupation that anyone can ever think of getting into. Like any other profession woodworking projects also require proper knowledge to make it a successful business as well as career. Mastering in woodworking skills and techniques is not that easy as they seem. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to win over. Those who have interest in woodworking this article is going to be inspiring for them as we are trying to be elaborative about the concept of different woodworking basic skills and techniques that would provide a few theoretical information of basic woodworking to the future woodworkers.

This can often happen that you could not attend your high school art and craft class where you might gather slight ideas of woodworking or DIY wood crafting! But unfortunately you missed those shop classes. Relax! There is nothing too late. In present days there are lots of vocational training courses and coaching classes available both online and offline from where you can train yourself to be skilled. Whether you are a novice or a professional woodworker, any kind of advanced power tool seems complicated to you if you are not instructed properly about the same. There are also lots of existing woodworking methods available, some of them are simple and on the other hand some are too complicated to understand and take time to apply them in the exact processes. 

Along with the various woodworking skills and methods you must be aware of the safety measures that should be taken care of by every woodworking while working in the high end super power tools and sharpened equipment. Regardless to say that there is no chance to indulge carelessness and ignorance especially in the woodworking tool handling.

This particular article is about what kind of basic knowledge of woodworking a skilled woodworker should possess. But before jumping into that portion, let’s have a quick look upon the types of the woodworking projects that every woodworker needs to be dealt with in the woodworking workshops. 

Along with the technological innovation like any other small business the scopes for the woodworkers are growing high. According to the woodworking specifications woodworkers can be priorly four in types. Like:

Furniture finishers

Furniture finishers are such a type of woodworkers who usually repair, reshape the antique and old wooden products and furnitures or any other general wooden crafts. They also preserve the wooden furniture from getting damp by using oil furnishing coats and save the wooden products from the consumption of the wood mites by coating them with seals, top coats, tarpentin etc. 

Cabinet makers

Cabinet makers mainly work for making different parts of the distinctively styled and featured cabinet frames and structures. They assure to make the customized wooden cabinets according to the customers’ requests.

Woodworking tenders

These kinds of woodworkers are to handle the different woods tools including drill presses, sanders, routers, yorksaws, table saws etc.

Wood machine operators

Wood machine operators are considered to be the most efficient personnels of woodworking businesses that possess dexterity in handling both handy and power tools and advanced technical equipment.

Woodworking or crafting is not just a mere profession from where you can earn profit upon investment at the end of the year. This is a form of art too where you can celebrate your pleasure of creativity and new innovations. There are lots of DIY woodworkers or craftsmen out there that are making flawless and unique products by using their exceptional imaginations along with hardworks. 

My prior motto is to project the basic factors of woodworking that every woodworker must know for the betterment of their woodworking careers in future. You can also check out some tips, tricks and tools review on theedgecutter

So let’s check them out:

Knowledge about different woods and their behaviours

Before starting to work in your wooden products as making perfect lumbers, you must know the various orientations of the different characteristics of the different types of woods. Some woods have rings like growth in the inside layer or some have grain effects. Therefore, it might be a tricker to plain the woods for your works. Moreover, it is essential to know how the different types of woods behave in different weathers and you should know the techniques to overcome those issues.

Know the basic tools

Every woodworker must know the different tools that woodworking. There are lots of woodworking tools like chainsaw, table saw, planes, workbench, routers, drill presses, railings and so on. Woodworkers should know the application techniques of each tool and act accordingly.

Modifying and sharpening the saws, planes, chisels according to your requirements

There is a common myth that working with wood is really hard as most of the woodworking tools are dull handy tools. But it is not true, the woodworkers believe that the tools should work by themselves without giving too much effort by the woodworkers. Therefore, the tools need to be sharpened and modified when needed. It will shorten the working times and the woodworkers would be to utilize their times working on more projects.

Know how to use hand planes

There are a lot of woodworking tools for different woodworking projects. Each and everyone has different techniques. Most of the woodworking tools are self explanatory but all of them are that much intuitive. Such as the hand planes. Plane cutters have extensive manuals and to understand the techniques properly to practice with the tool over and over. Moreover, it requires extreme strength of the wrist to work with hand planes. You can watch the different tutorial videos on YouTube of using hand planes and you can learn from them.

Preparing wooden lumbers for making further products

To prepare any wooden product from raw woods, you must prepare wooden logs to the flat lumber, so that you can make your desired product from that. To prepare a perfect wooden lumber, you must be aware of the uses of table saws and 13° angled  planers. But most of the woodworkers use handy tools for making lumbers. Handy tools take too much time whereas you can create fine polished lumbers by using handy power tools and by using machine techniques you can get machines like finishing.

Know the techniques of cutting different edges and joints

The most fundamental skill for any kind of woodworking is to know the basic joint cutting methods like mortise joint, tenon joint, dovetail joints etc. Whether it is to make horizontal joints or vertical joints, in each it requires so much practice to achieve the best results. Once you understand the process of laying out the joints and cut them to snug fit, you become eligible for more joinery works.

Method of furnishing

After investing your valuable time in making wooden masterpieces, it is important to give them good finishing too. Every woodworker must know the techniques of furniture finishing finely. Along with that woodworkers should be aware of the uses of different wood finishing oils, paints and their proper application methods. Woodworkers should know the types of brushes and how to clean them using alcohol mixture to make them ready for using afterwards. 

Maintaining safety measures while working in the wood workshops

Safety is the key component especially for the woodworkers. Every woodworker needs to prepare himself properly before working in the woodworking workshops by wearing jumpsuit uniform, safety goggles, wrist length gloves, steel toe boots etc. Workers should also protect their heads and faces while working with power tools.

Plan for starting with small projects

Before getting into the big projects, try to start with making small products. Making mistakes in making smaller things would make you efficient and flawless for bigger projects. Start making DIY craftings at home. This way you will be able to figure out your mistakes and continue work on correcting by practicing over and over. Gradually move towards achieving new goals one by one like start with making a square box using different joints, once you succeed go for bigger projects like making a dog house, cupboards etc.

Set up a workplace to execute your business plans

If you are a woodworker and planning to start up your own individual woodworking  business, you must require a proper woodworking workshop with adequate equipment that you would need for making different wooden products. Your workshop must have enough lights and ventilation system so you as well as your fellow workers won’t face problems during measurements and working on making fine edging or joint points, simultaneously a good source of air circulation system will blow up the sawdust or wood particles to the forward direction. Additionally, the workplace should be spacious  enough so that the workers won’t feel suffocated because of overpowering smells of wood paints, furnishings coats, machine oils etc.

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