The Secret of the Lachine Canal – Have you ever found a treasure? It’s now possible here in Montreal!

The Secret of the Lachine Canal

A/Maze Montreal Escape Game offers “The Secret of the Lachine Canal“, an outdoor escape game, open in the red zone. Based on the story of John Redpath, one of Canada’s richest men and an important figure in the development of the Lachine Canal, the game is a great way to discover the history of the area. It is a mix of treasure hunt and escape games puzzles, where players need to solve the secrets of Montreal to find the treasure. The game follows all security measures of COVID-19 crisis and provides a safe and exciting activity in the red zone. 

What can we do during lockdown in Montreal?

The game starts at the A/Maze Atwater location, where players receive a copy of Redpath’s lost journal and instructions. The treasure hunt is guided by special application BrainRace, where participants input answers, track time, receive hints and direction. At the end of the month the best team gets prizes from A/Maze Escape Game. The game has no time limit, so many teams spent over 3 hours trying to finish the game, but the all-time best time is just 1h10min and the average time is 2hours. 

The Secret of the Lachine Canal is a perfect game for all ages and group sizes. With the beautiful weather arriving during this unusual time, we are fortunate to offer people a unique, incredible and safe activity. We made sure to highlight the history of St-Henri and Lachine Canal Area, so players can enjoy not only our puzzles, but find out more about Montreal.
– Alexander Karpov, game creator and president of A/Maze Escape Game.

The game started April 4th and it was fully booked during the first 2 weeks, where over 70 teams have played the game.

We would like to invite you to come and try the game for free and let us know what you think. 
If you want to help us spread the word, we would greatly appreciate it.

Are you ready to solve the mystery of the Lachine Canal?

Book here

3550 rue Saint-Jacques
RSVP at: (514) 433-0710

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