Themes and Motifs of Men’s Rings


Most men can’t imagine their wardrobe without dashing and hip accessories. A ring is an effortless and effective way to manifest yourself as a stylish and confident person. There are so many styles, designs, and motifs that picking the right finger ornament can become a daunting task. We decided to lend a helping hand and enlighten you about the most popular themes in men’s rings. We hope this post helps you find a ring of your dreams.


Ubiquitous skulls are heroes of various men’s items, from rings to wallet chains. This ancient symbol is known since time immemorial. Shamans and priest used skull ornaments in mysterious rites, ceremonies, and rituals. Over time, skulls turned from an exclusively ritual attribute to a jewelry theme.

What makes a skull unique is its multi-faceted meaning. Most people consider the barren head without the body to be the harbinger of death and danger. At the same time, a skull symbolized eternal life, resurrection, and immortality. Soldiers and top military officers wore skull insignia to emphasize their courage and strength. Thanks to these meanings, skull jewelry gained huge popularity among modern men. Followers of subcultures that emerged in the middle of the 20th century, ranging from Goths to bikers, are especially partial to skull motifs. But even if you don’t believe in any supernatural forces and don’t ride a motorcycle, a skull ring can become a head-turning element of your look.


Another popular yet controversial ring theme is a cross. It is clear that people wear crosses for religious reasons but in our day and age, crosses are more than a spiritual symbol. Fashion designers paid their attention to crosses as images able to turn a regular outfit into a fashion staple. Jewellers couldn’t ignore this symbol either and started incorporating it into everything their hands could get to. That’s why today’s market is teeming with rings, necklaces, and bracelets featuring cross motifs. Besides the recognizable Latin cross, otherwise known as Catholic cross, jewelry items carry other cross variations such as Jerusalem, Celtic, Greek, Maltese crosses, and even Ankh. The latter is especially popular among Gothic enthusiasts.

Rocker Themes

Rocker jewelry is popular among rock musicians, their fans, as well as admirers of fancy jewelry. Rocker rings can feature many images, both related to music (microphones, guitars, mediators) and widespread symbols with a rock influence (stars, flames, skulls, etc.) Men’s rocker rings can also copy jewelry designs celebrated by iconic musicians. For instance, the legendary Keith Richard has been wearing his favourite skull ring for 40 years, which has turned into a legend itself. Many jewelry brands mimic this design to present their own version of the Keith Richard ring to their customers.


You’d be surprised but flowers and floral motifs are not only for ladies. Men don’t shy to rock rose rings, too. Girls are attracted by the visual appeal of a flower while men see a sacred meaning in it. Specifically, this theme is common in Gothic jewelry. The rose’s petals symbolize dimensions of the multi-universe. Medieval cathedrals often featured so-called rose windows, which silhouettes became an inspiration for Gothic jewelry. Interiors were luxuriantly decorated with floral motifs such as ivy, clover, ferns, and lilies, which also found an honourable place in men’s Gothic body ornaments.


The Game of Thrones has come to an end but its legacy will stay with us forever. Thanks to the GOT, our love and admiration for dragons reemerged with renewed vigor. It’s not that dragons haven’t been popular before the fantasy blockbuster but now they have been experiencing a true heyday. Dragons look at us from fancy rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. Some of them are fire-breathing, winged, and intimidating. Along with that, jewellers portray dragons according to the Eastern tradition, like a giant intelligent serpent with a beard. Unlike Western dragons that are evil creatures more often than not, their Oriental relatives convey wisdom, patronage, and protection. A dragon ring is an excellent talisman for whoever is seeking strength and confidence.


Animal rings can also be your talisman. People choose an animal to adorn their rings according to the astrologic sign (Leo will choose a lion ring, for example), Chinese zodiac animals (for instance, if you were born in 1998, you’ll benefit from a tiger ring), personal traits and preferences. If you are an energetic, lively, and active person, a horse ring will match your individuality. A dog will become a totem for a loyal, selfless, and honest person.


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