Why catalytic converter are huge targets for car theft

catalytic converter

Are you a victim of catalytic converter theft? Thieves worldwide are hacking catalytic converters of cars. Mostly they work at night when the street cameras cannot catch the details. In 2020, the catalytic converter theft jumped to 2,845 as compared to previous years.

The catalytic converter cleans the harmful gases before they go into the exhaust pipe. The theft not only stole the converter at night but in the daylight. And they stole it within two to three minutes.

But why did the thief steal the converter? What makes a converter precious to thieves? Here’s why Catalytic converter are huge targets for Car Theft.

A bunch of stolen converters

What is a catalytic converter?

It is the crucial part of your car exhaust system that filters the harmful chemicals and gases. The primary function of the catalytic converter is to reduce airborne pollutants. A catalytic converter can reduce approximately 90% of harmful toxins. The emitted toxins contain gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and hydrocarbons.

A perfect and well-functioning catalytic converter is essential to maintain the performance of your vehicle. You might not be familiar with it before its theft. However, you can see it by lying beneath your vehicle.

Why are car thieves targeting it?

The catalytic car converter is worth the metals inside it. These converters contain a gross amount of precious metals that are more costly than gold. The metals in converters are less prone to corrosion and damage; that’s why thieves stole them.

Catalytic theft has been increased by the increase in the price of these metals. Thieves sell these converters on the black market. Those valuable metals are:

  • Palladium
  • Rhodium
  • Platinum

How to keep your vehicles converter safe?

Theft has been increased all over the world, and people are searching for ways to save the catalytic converter. Here are few simple tips to redeem it from thieves.

Park to prevent access underneath:

The stealing of the converter is only possible when it is in an ample place. The thief has to slide under the car to detach the converter from the exhaust system. The parking of vehicles near curbs, fences, or walls will prevent theft.

Catalytic converter with serial number:

Putting a specific serial number will help you to identify the converter if it has been stolen. Many garages put a number on the converters that will be displayed on your window. No one can move your car without your permission.


If your converter is bolted, there are fewer chances of its removal. Along with this, you can install Catloc – a device that makes the removal of the converter more difficult. Toyota cars come with catloc that contain 45 bespoke fitments.

Install security camera:

The installation of a security camera in your parking area will help you to identify the thieves gang. Install the CCTV camera in the driveway to make the theft difficult. If you park the car in the street then contact neighbours to install a CCTV system for safety. Also, make your streets well-lightened to recognize the gang.

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