REM stations and train frequency times (video)


Construction on the REM worksites were shutdown on March 24th 2020, due to directives from the Quebec government concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. Since work resumed on May 11th, the project has been steadily moving forward. Even with protective measures in place, workers are managing to make significant progress in many areas. The vast undertaking of building the 67km system will become even more visible with five new REM stations now under construction in the Saint-Laurent and Ahuntsic-Cartierville areas. They include the Cote-de-Liesse, Montpellier, Du Ruisseau, Bois-Franc and Marie-Curie stations – with four of them expected to be completed by the end of 2020. Here are some of the details of the REM stations and train frequency times:

REM stations – Drone video of the construction of the Bois-Franc station

BOIS-FRANC STATION: Located in the heart of the network, at the crossroads of the REM’s four branches, it will be the first station to be built in the sector. From this station, commuters will be able to connect with the Brossard, Deux-Montagnes, L’Anse-à-l’Orme and the Montreal-Trudeau Airport lines – without having to make a transfer.

Formerly a station on the Exo Deux-Montagnes line, the Bois-Franc station is the first REM station to be built along the old train line. Installation of the steel structure (the skeleton of the station), began in May 2020 and is now clearly visible in the area. Beginning in the summer of 2020, a lot of work will be carried out – including the installation of the wood ceiling, a distinctive architectural feature of the REM’s future stations. From June to September, the exterior envelope of the station will become more apparent, with construction of the roof, installation of prefabricated concrete walls, glass walls and insulation work.

Features of the REM Bois-Franc station:

  • Type of station: ground-level
  • Equipment: bike racks, bus terminal, bus platforms, parking and ‘kiss-and-ride’ areas
  • Frequency: 2.5 minutes during peak hours, 5 minutes during off-peak hours and weekends
  • 10 minutes from the airport, 15 minutes from downtown
Exterior of the future Marie-Curie station – REM


Following the closure of the Du Ruisseau station on the Exo Deux-Montagnes line on May 11th, mobilization towards the construction of the REM’s future Du Ruisseau station has started. In order for the work to be done, partial obstructions and detours on Henri-Bourassa Boulevard will be required. The obstructions are also necessary to allow the repair work of the Henri-Bourassa railway bridge to take place.

Clearly visible from Henri-Bourassa Boulevard West, the construction of the station will require the removal of the catenary system (steel gantries and all power supply cables above the track) and rails, the dismantling of the existing infrastructure, construction of the station’s foundations, concrete work, laying of the steel reinforcement and reconstruction of the railway track.

Features of the REM du Ruisseau station:

  • Type of station: ground-level
  • Equipment: bike racks, bus platforms, parking and ‘kiss-and-ride’ areas
  • Frequency: 2.5 minutes during peak hours, 5 minutes during off-peak hours and weekends
  • 12 minutes from the airport, 13 minutes from downtown


Like the Du Ruisseau station, the Exo Montpellier station that is located above Cote-Vertu Boulevard, will be converted into an REM station. Workers have been on the site since May 2020. The construction of a noise barrier between Couvrette Street, to minimize the impact of noise for residents living near the station and the tracks, is now complete. Workers will be removing the catenary system, the rails and dismantling the infrastructure, including the platforms and stairs. The station’s foundations will be built this year and there will be much activity in the sector through 2020.

Features of the REM Montpellier station:

  • Type of station:  ground-level
  • Equipment: bike racks, ‘kiss-and-ride’ area, street bus stops
  • Frequency: 2.5 minutes during peak hours, 5 minutes during off-peak hours and weekends
  • 14 minutes from the airport, 11 minutes from downtown
Progress of work on future CiÌ€te-de-Liesse station November 2019 – REM


Continuation of work will take place between Stinson and Deslauriers streets, near Hodge Street. Cote-de-Liesse is a brand-new station on the Deux-Montagnes branch and will be designed so that commuters can transfer between the Exo Mascouche line and the REM line. As of spring 2020, with the re-opening of construction sites, work that already began on the Cote-de-Liesse station will accelerate. Between May and June, workers will remove the catenaries and rails from the train line. During the summer and into the fall, work will include excavation, the drilling of piles and the construction of the station’s foundations.

Features of the REM Cote-de-Liesse Station:

  • Type of station: ground-level
  • Equipment: bike racks, ‘kiss-and-ride’ area, street bus stops
  • Frequency: 2.5 minutes during peak hours, 5 minutes during off-peak hours and weekends
  • 16 minutes from the airport, 9 minutes from downtown
REM stations – Exterior of the future Marie-Curie station – REM


The Marie-Curie station will be located in the heart of the Technoparc. As the commissioning of this station on the branch, leading to the airport, is scheduled for later (by 2023), work on the station’s entrance will not begin this year. However, major construction work on the foundations of the elevated structure will be quite apparent. The area will be marked mainly by the underground presence of ‘Alice’, the tunnel-boring machine, which will soon begin its descent into the ground to drill the tunnel to the airport.

*REM Marie-Curie Station features (inside and outside):

  • Type of station: underground
  • Equipment: bike racks, ‘kiss-and-ride’ area, street bus stops
  • Frequency: 10 minutes during peak hours, 15 minutes during off-peak hours and weekends
  • 3 minutes from the airport, 22 minutes from downtown
By: Bonnie Wurst –

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