Montreal chimneys – A professional chimney sweep!

Montreal chimneys

T’is the season to have your annual chimney maintenance done, before the cold winter weather rolls into town. Chimney sweeping is a historic profession which you may think has gone extinct, however, having your chimney cleaned and inspected is still important as ever. Some common chimney issues include animal nesting, soot build up, deteriorating brickwork & water damage. These issues can all be fixed by a professional chimney sweep. We spoke with Valerie Adams of Montreal Chimneys, to ask a few questions about the fate of her profession in our modern age:

 Q: Can I still use my wood fireplace?

A: We hear this question a lot. Most demerged cities still allow wood burning fireplaces or wood stoves as usual, check local bylaws for updates.  For those living in the city of Montreal, wood burning is only allowed with the installation of a certified low emission fireplace insert.

These inserts burn real wood logs or pellets, they are designed to heat the house. Residents of Montreal can still use their original fireplace in the case of a blackout of 3 hours or more.

Please call Montreal Chimneys for more information and a free estimate for EPA certified low emissions fireplace insert required by 2025.

Montreal Chimneys
Valerie Adams Montreal Chimneys

Q: Does my oil furnace chimney need to be cleaned?

A: Yes, oil furnace chimneys also need cleaning. Everyone who heats with oil, gas or wood has a chimney. Yearly maintenance ensures the good working condition of your furnace and keeps your household safe. “Wherever you live, annual chimney maintenance is still necessary. Small repairs go a long way and  can make a very big difference before damage gets worse, and more expensive.” Says Valerie, who has over 17 years of experience. She goes on to explain, “If you are not going to use your fireplace you can seal it up to prevent cold drafts and water infiltration. This will help to save on heating bills. Later, if you choose to upgrade we can easily re-open the flue and install a wood burning appliance that conforms to the new regulation.”

Montreal Chimneys
Valerie Adams of Montreal Chimneys

What is the average cost to sweep a chimney?

Q: What does it cost to have your chimney looked at?

A: It is important to get a professional to check the condition of your chimney yearly. Go outside and look up at your chimney. If you see bricks crumbling you should get that repaired before winter. A chimney crown and cap are also very important. If you have cracks in the concrete chimney crown, water can leak down and damage the joints of the masonry brickwork. The best solution is to fix the masonry and then install an aluminum crown with a drip edge, protecting your chimney like an umbrella for many years to come.  We charge $50 for a visit to your home.

How often should you sweep your chimney?

Montreal chimneys

Montreal Chimney is a popular chimney company servicing the island of Montreal and surrounding areas. Customers agree that attention to detail, professionalism and cleanliness sets MC apart from other companies. Montreal Chimneys includes a visual inspection with each chimney sweep and estimate for repairs. For more information on cleaning your chimney or anything related please e-mail or call 438-345-6687

  Surely you’re as lucky as lucky can be to see a chimney inspector & sweeper yearly!

By: Ryan Dohnalek – Photos by: Nicholas Raymond Kropotkin

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