Cindy Charles ‘Sister Talk’ new show takes the girls’ night out to a whole new level (video)


Cindy Charles ‘Sister Talk’ – Cindy Charles had a mission when she created her production company Collectively Beautiful, which was to go beyond the social limits and stereotypes that have been placed upon women for so many years, and to showcase and support educated, strong and passionate women from so many diverse backgrounds.

She did this with her first web series “Couch Talk”, which featured a series of one-on-one conversations with a number of successful local business women, whom discussed what inspired and motivated them on their respective roads to success.

Cindy Charles ‘Sister Talk’ new show

For her newest web series “Sister Talk”, in which the first of 10 episodes debuts on August 4, Ms. Charles decided to take the concept of the “girls’ night out” to a whole new level.

“A few things inspired me towards creating ‘Sister Talk’. First of all, I have always enjoyed a girls’ night out. I thought they were always fun and had an entertainment aspect to it. Also, reality TV is a guilty pleasure of mine, and the ones that have Black women on them were not very representative of what they are really all about, because when you think of Black reality shows, they often seem a bit ghetto,” she said in a recent phone interview.

“I created ‘Sister Talk’ because I wanted to show a different aspect of Black women on TV. There are more elegant Black women out there who are articulate, have university degrees and impressive careers; it’s like a combination of sass and being nerdy,” added Ms. Charles.

“Sister Talk” is hosted by Ms. Charles, who moderates a free flowing conversation with three of her close friends who are career women (including a fitness guru and a media celebrity) and come from diverse backgrounds such as Canada, the U.S., Haiti and Trinidad.

“The conversations that take place on the show are very authentic. There is a bit everything that is on our minds that make up those conversations,” she said. “The questions I asked them were chosen on the spot. They had no idea what was going to be asked ahead of time, so that they couldn’t filter their answers. We talk about a variety of topics such as family and relationships. We laugh, drink wine, break into song or cry, therefore making the show very real and authentic as possible.”

Ms. Charles believes that “Sister Talk” is being released in a timely manner, especially with the protests and the rise of Black Lives Matter in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis this past May. “With all of the racial tension going on today, what a better time to have this conversation. I also want this show to give a positive representation of Black women on Quebec television, because there is not much diversity there. I am hoping to change that,” she said.

“Sister Talk” willair on either YouTube or Facebook Watch every Tuesday starting August 4. For more information, go to their website.

By: Stuart Nulman –

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