Two Leonard Cohen murals overlooking Crescent Street and the Plateau

Leonard Cohen murals

Leonard Cohen murals – Leonard Cohen was an internationally acclaimed artist born and raised in Montreal. He spent his life dedicating it to the arts: he sang, wrote poetry and novels and painted. Not only was he a creator, he explored themes and raised questions about religion, isolation, politics, relationships and sexuality through all of his art. His blended folk music with a sexual edge attracted fans from all around the world as well as fellow musicians. His musical hit “Hallelujah” was incredibly popular in the 80s and even today. Cohen was an artist who kept on creating and released a new album only a month before he passed away.

Where are Leonard Cohen’s murals in Montreal?

Leonard Cohen murals

To honour and pay immense tribute to this local artist, the city of Montreal has already created a mural for him in the area of the Plateau Mont-Royal. A second mural is being created at the moment on Crescent street. It is still a work in progress but the mural will be able to be seen from streets away as it is being painted on a tall building on Crescent.

Leonard Cohen mural in the Montreal Plateau Mont-Royal: 3982 Saint Dominique Street (Corner of Napoleon and Saint Dominique Streets)

Earlier this year, a mural of Leonard Cohen was created by the local talented artist, Kevin LEDO, for the 2017 edition of Montreal’s Mural Festival. The mural is situated on a 9 storey building at the corner of Saint-Dominique and Napoleon Street. Local Montrealer, Kevin LEDO, has “been wanting to paint Cohen for a few years”, and residents of the Plateau are thrilled about the new mural of a local talent created by a local talent. The mural of Leonard Cohen on Crescent Street should soon be completely finished and will surely please many residents of the area as well as onlookers and tourists.

If you wish to learn more about the local artist Leonard Cohen, click here to access his website.

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