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Five ways you can help Sun Youth


Sun youth Organization is here to help people in need. We have put together a list of five ways you can help Sun Youth:

Monetary Donations to Sun Youth

As a charity, Sun Youth depends on the support of the general public to keep its operations going. Monetary donations are the best way to help the organization help people all year round. 

Sun Youth
Five ways you can help Sun Youth

Material Donations

Sun Youth’s food bank helps thousands of people in need each year. If you can’t afford to give money, you can just go into your cupboard, pick a few non-perishable items and drop them off at their head office located at 6700 ave du Parc.  


With over 30 different programs offered there is plenty of room for dedicated volunteers. For example, the organization has two community gardens that grow organic vegetables for their food bank. The gardens also provide a place to learn about urban-agriculture and botany. 

Social Media

Sun Youth relies heavily on the public to broadcast its message, to both donors and people in need. By liking and sharing their content on the various social media platform you can help bring awareness to the issues of poverty in Montreal and help the organization at the same time. 

Referring Someone in Need

Every year thousands of people in need come to Sun Youth to receive help. Most of those people have been referred through people who the organization has helped in the past. By referring someone in need to Sun Youth’s website you could be helping that person better their situation. 

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