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Why Japan should be your next holiday destination


Japan is one of the few places in the world where you can experience a true fusion of modern and traditional. From skyscrapers and bullet trains to onsens and temples, it’s a fascinating location and one that everyone should experience for themselves.

No matter the season, there’s always something new and exciting to experience. Whether you visit during the cherry blossom season or want to enjoy the winter sports, folk dancing or sumo wrestling, there is something for everyone.


A word that might ring familiar with you from the infamous ‘Harajuku girls’. But Harajuku is also an incredible fashion district that is comparable to the likes of London’s Carnaby Street. Here you’ll find boutiques, cafes, restaurants and lots more.


Japan has played a pivotal part in the history of games, so it’s no surprise that this is a big draw to those looking to visit the country. From MariCar – an activity that lets you become Mario and Friends and race through the city streets – to their incredibly popular game centres, there’s plenty to choose from.

Despite their large part in the gaming world, one area that hasn’t quite been developed is that of gambling. Gambling is mostly illegal in Japan with a few exceptions for things such as sports betting and pachinko (similar to the slots).

Indisputably, the most popular game played in Japan’s online casinos is the slots because of this similarity to pachinko. So be sure to take a look around for the best casino bonus Japan has to offer and get started with some practice.

Japanese delicacies

Japanese cuisine

Aside from the go-to Japanese delicacies ramen, miso, sake and sushi, there are a few places that all foodies should head to. One of those is the Tsukiji fish market. It’s one of the world’s largest and quite the sight to see with more than 2000 tonnes of fish and seafood are sold here every day. And, if you fancy an early rise and can get there around 3am, you’ll be able to taste the freshest sushi the world has to offer.

Cherry blossom

You’ll have to go when they’re in season, but the cherry blossom is a big deal in Japan. There are a couple of places you can head to see it in its full glory. For instance, the Nakaragi no Michi path in Kyoto takes you past the lake under the beautiful pink and white blossom on the way to the botanical garden.

With approximately 30,000 trees across the mountain range, alongside temples and shrines, the best option has to be Mount Yoshino in Nara.

Mount Fuji Japan

Mount Fuji

Another popular destination if you’re after a great view of cherry blossom. How about one with the infamous Mount Fuji as the backdrop?


One of the most famous aspects of Japan is its multitude of temples and shrines spread out across the country. If this sounds like your thing, then heading to Kyoto would be advisable, as it’s home to 2000 temples and shrines!



If you’ve been inspired by the way of the ninja and fancy heading north, Northwest of Nagano in the Togakushi area is the place for you. Home to the Togakure Ninja School, you can head to the shuriken (throwing star) range to try your hand at the life of a ninja. Not only that but the Ninja House has many secret doors, contraptions and weapons that are of great interest.

Snow monkeys

Also known as Japanese Macaques, head to Jigokudani Yaen-Koen to give these a visit. A place where humans can’t live, the monkeys come into the park for feeding during winter and bathe in the hot springs.


Despite its many traditions, Japan is becoming quite a progressive place. Fukuoka, in particular, is a lively, open-minded place. From their revolutionary ‘startup café’ to its welcoming views on LGBTQ, it’s a place for open discussions and exploring identities.

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