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We all know that indoor air quality is a major concern. Especially with the growing number of people who work from home, or who spend a lot of time inside, for better or worse. To improve your indoor air quality, you should try these easy tips – change your furnace filters regularly, invest in a good vacuum cleaner, invest in some plants, and more!

Check your furnace and clean your air Ducts

First, be sure to change your furnace filters whenever you notice they are dirty or dusty. This is an easy way to ensure that the air in your home isn’t polluted with allergens and dust – two of the biggest concerns for indoor air quality. If you live in Canada and are worried about Kelowna Air Quality, make sure to track your air quality using apps and making changes to your surroundings often like changing your furnace filter. The average person should change their furnace filter every one to three months depending on the type of filter they have, how dirty it is when you put in a new one, and the air quality of the environment in which your home is located. However, if you or someone living in your home has asthma or allergies, then change your furnace filter every month.

Take care of your plants

Plants are incredible at purifying the air around your home. They use photosynthesis to take carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, which makes the air around them more pure and clean for you to breathe. Make sure that you have at least 8-10 houseplants throughout your home for them to work their magic. Plants also give your home a nice, calming green flora aesthetic – so you don’t have to feel terrible about adding more greenery to your indoor space.

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Use green cleaning products

It’s time to tame the chemical cleaners and take out the green products! They aren’t just for countertops anymore; they’re also great for getting rid of dust and other allergens that can float around your home. If you want to be environmentally friendly, then opt for eco-friendly cleaning products like Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. Another idea? Stop using feather dusters and give Swiffer Sweep & Vac a try – it traps dirt and dust in its disposable cloths instead of releasing them into the air as it goes along. You’ll be surprised by how much less dust you have floating around your home.

Invest in a humidifier

In the wintertime, there’s nothing worse than having dry skin and/or hair – especially if you suffer from allergies. To improve your indoor air quality, invest in a humidifier for your bedroom so that you can breathe easy at night and wake up with soft skin! You can also add some lavender oil or lemon oil to it so that your room is scented as well. This way, when you wake up in the morning, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on a new day!

Invest in a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners help suck up dust and allergens that can affect the air quality of your home, so be sure that you invest in a good one! If possible, try and vacuum daily – especially if small children or pets are running through your home who track in the dirt with every step they take. Investing in an upright vacuum cleaner is recommended, though some people also swear by stick vacuums. However, be sure that you can remove the vacuum’s dust canister and clean it out often for your house to continue to have good indoor air quality.

AIR Purifier UV UVC Light in duct for HVAC Air Duct

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Change your air filters and clean your air ducts

Lastly, be sure to change your home’s air filters regularly. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your indoor air quality because many people forget or ignore their furnace’s air filter year after year. However, an easy way to remember is by swapping the date of each month (i.e., ” Make sure you swap out your January filter on the 1st”). Depending on how dirty it is, most people should change their air filters every 1 – 2 months.

Did you know that the indoor air of some buildings can be up to 10 times more polluted than the air outside? At MTL Duct Cleaning, their aim is to protect your health by ensuring the air you breathe is as clean as possible. Call or email to have a free quote on air duct cleaning today.

improve indoor air quality by calling the best Mtl Duct Cleaning

Get an air purifier

If you’ve tried all of the above and still aren’t having great indoor air quality in your home, then an air purifier may be necessary. They are especially helpful for people who suffer from asthma or chronic allergies because they remove pollutants in the air that can trigger an attack or make it worse. An air purifier will also help your plants clean the air in your home more efficiently, improving your indoor air quality even further. You should also test your air if needed.

There are many other ways to improve your indoor air quality at home, but the above are some of the easiest and most effective ones that everyone should implement. Be sure to contact a professional if you still can’t improve your air quality!

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