Six facts about roulette you didn’t know about

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Roulette is one of those games you may have heard of but are curious about its origins and how it is played. This game has a somewhat obscure history and eventually evolved into two different games over 100 years ago. In this post, you will find out more about the history of this popular casino game, as well as some other interesting facts about it that you might not be aware of.

It is extremely popular

People play roulette because there’s a lot of variation in the game, and it is not always clear what the winning number might be. This is part of how roulette manages to create such an enticing experience for players. Furthermore, it is actually one of the most popular online casino games currently offered by these platforms, such as CasinosJungle. It’s partly because the odds of winning are higher than other games and because these casinos keep updating the game, making it more fun with new options.

It was invented by a French mathematician

It is believed that in the 18th century, a mathematician by the name of Blaise Pascal invented what was the precursor to the game you all know today. The legend says that he stumbled upon what we now understand as roulette in his quest to invent the perpetual motion machine. After being exceedingly popular in his native Paris, he brought it over to the fledgling United States of America, where it hit off.

There are several variations

The American and the European versions of roulette are the two most widely played game variations today. It follows from the previous point that the American variant was invented after the game was brought to America. The existing gambling houses in New Orleans were unimpressed with the low house odds. To boost these odds, they made some alterations, including adding an additional zero. To this day, the European variant tends to be the most widely played due to its enhanced odds. It is calculated that European roulette offers odds of 2.70% to the house, whereas American roulette provides a higher house edge at up to 7.89%.

Fear of the devil prevents some people from playing

If you add up all of the numbers on a roulette wheel, you will discover that the total is 666, or the devil’s sign, according to some people. For this reason, many people opt to avoid this game when possible due to the hellish connotations it represents. It is unclear if Monsieur Pascal did this purposefully for mischievous reasons or merely a bizarre coincidence!

The price of genuine roulette tables is extremely high

So high, in fact, that many conventional casinos make the roulette area a food and drink-free zone. This is particularly interesting when you consider that most land-based casinos are happy to feed people and entertain them to keep them playing, but these machines are too expensive to do so. The lowest-priced tables cost upwards of $5000, with the outstanding ones reaching an eye-watering $400,000.

The most popular number is played by bond

17 is estimated to be the most widely played number in the game. Many people think that this is because it was James Bond’s favourite number to play. However, the most likely reason is its central position on the board.

From the number of the beast to James Bond’s favourite number, there are plenty of intriguing facts about this game. Hopefully, you discovered some interesting facts that you didn’t know otherwise.

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