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Cold shower – Wash hands carefully and often. Avoid contact where possible. Disinfect. Eat healthy. And the list goes on. We are all trying to do our best to avoid becoming ill. For ourselves and for others. Some recommendations cost money that we may simply not have. Cold showers are free.

With the spreading of the Corvid-19, I decided to revisit parts of ‘Go Cold, So No Cold’ that I wrote over 7 years ago, during the normal winter cold and flu season. But this not a normal. Today, we are faced with the rapid spreading of a virus. The media does not talk about the benefits of cold showering.  Perhaps they should, mainly because it is something we can all do.

Back then I wrote:

‘Go Cold, So No Cold

Be 2, or 3 or 4 years old in Siberia.
Have your parents take you outside and rub you down with snow.
You do not get the cold or flu.

Or live in Sweden. Have your parents pour very cold water on your head.
This is a routine. Especially during flu season.
So no flu.

Be an adult. Take the cold showers, or snow rubs, or cold lake dips alone, or with friends. Take your children with you.

In these countries, cold showers are normal. In these countries, a cold or flu is not so normal.

Now, live here. Canada, USA.
Where we are spoiled with hot water. Where ‘Hot’ is the norm.
We luxuriate in a hot shower. Long, hot showers.
And baths. Bubbles and fun.
Warmth and comfort.

A perfect mix for cold and flu to dive right on in.

Consider a cold shower. Especially now.

When a virus is spreading so rapidly, will cold showers really help? Probably. Yes. Cold showers do strengthen one’s immunity. When cold, our body will attempt to warm itself up. This increase in one’s metabolic rate activates the body’s immune system, releasing more white blood cells. In turn, more pathogens are eliminated.  Besides increasing the immune system, cold showers improve our circulation, increase our metabolism, helping to regulate weight. The cold water alleviates depression, improves our lymph system, improves our breathing, energy levels and sense of wellness.  A cold shower also increases our hormone production and is excellent on maintaining healthy skin and hair. A win win situation.

cold shower benefits

How to take a cold shower?

As mentioned, taking a cold shower may require some bravado.  But do not be foolish and shock your system outright. The best way is to enjoy your shower (most of us like it hot) and THEN gradually change the temperature to cool and then cold for the last 30 to 60 seconds of your shower. Even longer if you can. You WILL feel invigorated and proud.

To sum up, after your regular shower, end up in a cold one. Do the frequent hand washing.  Use good soaps. 

Our Earth to Body All Purpose Sanitizer made with our own ‘thieves oil’ blend, manuka oil, rose, aloe and lots of love, can help us feel a little safer.

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