Best Montreal vegan restaurants and amazing vegan dishes like sushi poutine and more

Best Montreal vegan restaurants

Montreal is a bustling city and it is especially known for its multicultural food scene. Not only does the city have a wide variety of restaurants with delicious food from across the world there are amazing vegan establishments as well. We’ve created a list of our best Montreal vegan restaurants for you to try out next.

Best Montreal vegan restaurants to try:

Vegano Mtl


Vegano is Montreal’s first vegan Italian inspired restaurants, serving breakfast, brunch and dinner every day. Vegano is best known for its large portions of hearty vegan food, if you looking for tasty alternatives to fish and meat, this is the place for you. They pride themselves in always been 100% fresh and create a different brunch and dinner menu from the market each week. Vegano is also a great place to order the birthday cake of your dreams and they also offer catering for special events. Website. Instagram. Facebook Page.

La Banquise

La Banquise isn’t in fact a vegan restaurant, it probably offers the least amount of vegan food in the city, however, they do have one vegan option, and it is the best one out there. Their vegan poutine is a go-to for local vegans. Just like all of their other poutines, the “veganomane” comes in two sizes, and is made with a vegan gravy and topped with melted Daiya cheese on top. Although there don’t have any other vegan options, you’ll soon get hooked and addicted to their vegan friendly poutine. We recommend skipping the queue and ordering to take away and sit in the Lafontaine Parc enjoying the view of the fountain. Website. Instagram. Facebook Page.

Café Tuyo

Café Tuyo is ideally situated in the heart of the Plateau, they distinguish themselves with their eco-friendly values. They offer a range of organic vegan and local dishes served all day long. They encourage consumers to bring their own reusable jars, containers and mugs when ordering food and drinks to go. Café Tuyo is the best place in Montreal to fill up on homemade vegan yoghourt. Either bring your own jar or they will lend you one which you can then return and get 1$ back. This café/restaurent is also a great place to get some work done. Instagram. Facebook Page.

Sushi Momo Vegan sushi and Japanese cuisine

Sushi Momo

If you’ve never been to Sushi Momo, you are definitely missing out. This sushi restaurants has been voted 2nd best sushi place in Montreal. They specialize in innovative sushi and Japanese cuisine and always keep it 100% vegan. This restaurant attracts both convinced vegans and non-vegans. It’s the perfect place for a first date, a family meal or even a special birthday. Anything on the menu is worth trying ! Website. Instagram. Facebook Page.

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