How to make your cold brew coffee

cold brew coffee

Enjoy cold brew but no time to make it to the coffee shop? Do local cafes lack the strength of taste and quality that you value in a cold brew? You are not alone!

More and more, cold brew lovers are opting to brew their coffee at home or buy their favourite in a bottle. If you are looking for a quality cold brew and are often on the go, check out these cold brew coffee bottles.

However, if you have time at home and prefer personalized brew, look no further! Not only does this brewing recipe optimize the amount of caffeine per cup, but it also improves the flavour quality and leaves room for personalization, so you can find the perfect blend for you.


Choose coffee beans to suit your tastes. Grind them medium to coarse, as beans that are ground too small will result in cloudy, bitter, oversaturated coffee. The more coarse the grounds are, the smoother your brew will be. They should look similar to coarse cornmeal, not a fine powder.

Soak and Wait

The ratio of grounds to water is subjective, depending on how strong you enjoy your brew. Use one part grounds to eight parts room temperature water and adjust in the future if you are experimenting. If you are looking for a stronger taste, try 3/4 cup of grounds to four cups of water.

First, add your fresh grounds to a container. Be sure the container is large enough to hold both the grounds and the water, but not so large that you will be unable to pick it up to strain. Next, gradually add water and stir so that all the grounds are moist.

Finally, cover the container with a cheesecloth and let the mixture stand at room temperature for at least twelve hours. Long stand time is necessary for slow infusion to pull the most flavour and caffeine from the grounds. Steeping also leaves behind certain compounds in the grounds which can give the coffee a bitter, sour taste when hot brewed.

Strain and Store

Choose a bowl or measuring cup that you will be able to stain the coffee grounds and water into. Place the cheesecloth over the container and slowly pour the grounds onto the cheesecloth. Strain the coffee and discard the grounds.

Choose a container like a glass bottle or jar that you would like to store it in, and stick it in the refrigerator.

You now have a smooth, quality cold brew that can be used for up to two weeks!

Make this brew completely yours! Experiment with the amount of water when you steep, try different beans and ground sizes, and soak for longer if you prefer a stronger taste. Enjoy over ice or with milk, or with any of your favourite coffee additives. Share with friends and family or sip alone. Find your perfect blend and strength, and be proud that you can make your own quality cold brew at home!

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