Hair growth tales: Can horsetail extract protect your tresses?

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Women always help each other; they confide in each other’s problems, including their hair growth concerns. Among all the ingredients found in hair growth vitamins and products you’ve heard from other people, horsetail oil has struck you the most. You’ve gathered some details about this ingredient, yet you’re unsure of how it can keep your tresses healthy. Curious as a detective, you’ve decided to search for more information about this natural ingredient.

What is horsetail oil all about, and how does it help promote healthy hair growth? Get to know more about the perks that you can get from using this natural hair growth booster.

Telling the truth: Horsetail oil and its benefits for hair treatments

Horsetail, also known as horsetail rush or bottle brush, is an age-old remedy for hair issues, and its brush-like leaves are then used to extract the oil. Here are five benefits of using horsetail oil on your hair and scalp.

1. You’ll obtain a substantial amount of silicon for hair strength

Your hair tends to snap when it’s in its poorest state or when handled carelessly (such as aggressive combing). Horsetail oil contains silicon, a mineral that strongly impacts hair growth, keeps your hair strands sturdy against breakage. With this mineral, you’ll be able to grow your hair longer without breaking. 

2. Horsetail plant extract can prevent dandruff problems

Besides keeping your hair in robust condition, you also need to take good care of your scalp. Horsetail oil also contains selenium, a mineral that can help prevent dandruff-causing fungi from invading your scalp. Moreover, selenium also helps stabilize your thyroid hormones so that your body has enough energy for the hair growth process.

3. Horsetail oil also promotes collagen production

Collagen is not only essential in keeping your skin smooth, radiant, and firm, but it is also vital in building keratin, the primary hair protein, for thicker and healthier hair growth. Thus, you need to help your body produce enough collagen for both hair and skin, which horsetail extract can offer for you. Its silicon content also helps in promoting healthy collagen production.

4. It is fully packed with antioxidants that keep free radicals at bay

Heat, pollution, radiation, chemicals, and stress may trigger oxidative activities in your body, hampering healthy hair growth. Therefore, choosing an ingredient that can protect your hair both internally and externally is very important. For instance, horsetail oil is packed with phenolic compounds that have antioxidant properties. Studies shows that its flavonoids can inhibit free radical expression, thus, reducing the chances of hair follicle damage.

5. It helps soften your dry and frizzy tresses

You also need to combat factors that can cause dryness and brittleness. Just like other essential oils, horsetail oil can also help tame your dry and frizzy hair. Its oily substance coats your hair cuticles with a protective barrier and helps lock in enough moisture to keep your tresses manageable throughout the busy day. 

Feel the kicking power of horsetail oil against hair issues

The world has many natural ingredients to offer, but only some of them have the power to keep your tresses healthy. Now that you are aware of horsetail extract’s capacity to enhance your hair condition, it is now for you to upgrade your hair care regimen. To reap its hair growth benefits, you can always look for hair growth vitamin supplements made with horsetail extract. You can also slather this essential oil to moisturize your hair and massage your scalp daily. What are you waiting for? To see the best results for your hair, incorporate horsetail oil into your everyday hair care routine.

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