Smokeless tobacco 101

Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco is available in two forms: snuff and chewing tobacco. And it’s commonly referred to as spit tobacco, chew, or dip. Snuff is typically finer and comes in pouches. Chewing tobacco, on the other hand, is larger in size and comes loose in small cans and paper packets. Smokeless tobacco is a better alternative to smoking it. It comes with fewer health effects. Here is all you should know regarding smokeless tobacco—including dangers, why people love it, and tips for quitting smokeless tobacco.

Why is smokeless tobacco used?

Smokeless tobacco has become increasingly popular nowadays. Most people consider it a better alternative to traditional tobacco. It’s believed to be a safer alternative to smoking. However, it’s important to note that nicotine is available in all forms of tobacco. And this chemical is often too addictive.  People who’re addicted to nicotine usually need to consume more of it to achieve the same feeling as they initially deed.

Dangers of smokeless tobacco

Although smokeless tobacco is safer than other smoking methods, it might still cause some health-related issues. If used inappropriately it can cause bleeding lips, heart attack, receding gums, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

Tobacco has widely linked to oral cancer. Some users have also been found with stomach and throat cancer. And this is mainly due to the chemicals contained in tobacco getting into their digestive systems. Some of the problems triggered by smokeless tobacco might lead to permanent disfigurement. Plus, it can cause bad breath, mouth sores, and yellowish teeth stains.                 

How to quite taking smokeless tobacco

So you have finally decided to quit smoking? Well, start by distracting yourself with healthier activities. You may also want to consider using nicotine gum or patch after consulting with your doctor about it. You can lift weights, biking, or swimming. But don’t forget to talk to your friends and family about your decision to quit. Don’t keep anything in the house that tempts you to smoke. Take note of the number of dips you take per day. Reduce dips gradually. Get your tobacco-free dip from Avoid people who are addicted to taking tobacco. They may tempt you into taking tobacco. Join forums that can help you quit taking tobacco.

Substitutes to tobacco

Some of the substitutes that could help you overcome your addiction include tobacco-free mint, dried fruit, sugarless gum, raisins, hard candy, shredded coconut, as well as, sunflower seeds.

Of course, quitting smoking isn’t that easy. And being tempted to use smokeless tobacco isn’t a bad idea. But never give up. You still have a chance of quitting completely! There’s always a chance to get better! So keep trying!

The Bottom-Line – As a better alternative to smoking tobacco, smokeless tobacco is quickly becoming more and more popular. Of course, it’s like any other form of tobacco. It can lead to health complications. It’s addictive in nature. It’s not easy to stop taking smokeless tobacco. So, if you cannot do without it, think about smokeless tobacco. It’s a better alternative to chewing tobacco. Alternatively, you can turn to CBD yummies. Get your CBD gummies from Verma Farms and enjoy the benefits.

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