New technology for growing a small garden right in your home

growing a small garden

If you are looking for a more convenient way to grow your own autoflowering seeds, you may want to try a new technology. These devices allow you to save floor space, and use your own seeds to start your plants. New technology for growing a small garden is a smart system that can be controlled using an app on your phone. Inventors spent time at MIT Media Lab prototyping their idea, and it is now the only kitchen-based smart growing system.

Green technology

Whether you’re looking to grow a small, edible garden or want to make a larger one, green technologies can help you. Not only will they reduce your carbon footprint, but they’ll also lower your energy bills. Increasingly, government initiatives have backed these new technologies. In the United Kingdom, the Smart Export Guarantee is a government program that allows homeowners to sell unused renewable energy back to the National Grid. Another initiative, called Energy Company Obligation (ECO4), will give homeowners a better chance of qualifying for eco grants.


You probably already know that there are microclimates in our daily lives, such as a few square miles around the corner from us, and you might not even realize it. Essentially, microclimates are areas with a different climate than the rest of the area, and certain plants will thrive in those environments. It’s easy to create one of these microclimates right in your own backyard, but how can you harness it to grow plants and vegetables?

One of the first steps in creating a microclimate in your garden is to observe the area. If the microclimate is too dry, you can place large rocks to trap heat during the day and release it at night. The rocks can also block wind. For plants that need more chilling, choose a south-facing area or place them near an earth mound. You can also use rocks to make a rock garden.


The SproutsIO system is a revolutionary system for growing a small garden right in your kitchen. Unlike traditional garden lights, it uses LED lighting and can adjust to the light level that your plants need. It uses less power than a standard incandescent bulb and resembles natural daylight, delivering the blue and red spectrum that plants need to thrive.

The SproutsIO system is an innovative way to grow your own food indoors, year-round, without soil. You can control the system from your smartphone using an app, and it grows different products based on your preferences. You can grow a variety of fruiting plants, leafy greens, herbs, and even root vegetables. The SproutsIO system also allows you to save water and money on food transportation.

Personal Rise Smart Garden

The Personal Rise Smart Garden connects to an app that feeds you information about the growth of your plants. You can even set reminders to water, add nutrients, or harvest your vegetables. Automatic lighting turns on and off according to a preset schedule. And, as it is connected to an app, you can schedule when the machine needs to be cleaned. The device recommends cleaning it every four to six months.

The Personal Rise Smart Garden uses biodegradable plant pods and smart soil made with peat moss to provide the best possible growing conditions. The system uses nutrient-rich water that’s filtered to avoid evaporation. The system even contains a sensor to detect pH levels. The Rise garden comes with seed pods, nutrients, and a water level gauge. The garden also has a built-in grow light and an LED indicator light to indicate when you should water your plants.

Click and Grow’s “Smart Soil”

If you’re interested in starting a small garden in your home, you can start with a “Smart Soil” grow medium. This system is made up of three growing holes, one in each corner, and a reservoir that stores water. When the growing holes are filled, water is drawn into the soil by wicks and into the plant. Click and Grow has developed an energy-efficient system that ensures the pH-level is optimal for your plants. They also have a water level indicator so you know if they’re getting enough water.

Each plant is grown in two or three months with the Click and Grow system. The Click and Grow Smart Garden system contains a proprietary “plant pod” that is filled with organic materials. These “plant pods” contain nutrients from plants and mineral-rich peat. They’re also eco-friendly and don’t require fertilizers or dangerous pesticides.

Tower Garden

New technology for growing a small garden right inside your home is available from Juice Plus+. It uses closed-loop technology to deliver nutrients and water to your plants. Using just 10% of the space and water you would normally spend on a garden, you can grow your own plants year-round and have healthy food. You can even grow a family garden with up to 84 plants!

There are several growing systems available, but some are more effective than others. The SproutsIO wall-mounted planters, for example, can grow your own seeds in only four to five days. This smart-growing system is also controlled by an app on your phone. The founder of the company spent time prototyping the idea at the MIT Media Lab. Despite its simplicity, some people find these growing systems to be sterile.

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