Seven warning signs that you need appliance repair

appliance repair

A shout-out to all the common household appliances that make out daily life easy and convenient. They are a true blessing in disguise, a blessing that is prone to malfunctioning and maybe in occasional need of a small appliance repair. We are talking about common household appliances like dishwashers, microwave ovens or ovens, washing machines and dryers, fridges or refrigerators, and others of the sort. Instead of opting for the traditional “turn it on and off” approach, it would be best to call in a professional to have a look at them.

So, how do you determine if an appliance is in need of repair? Don’t worry, the appliance will tell you itself. Listed below, you will find six common telltale warning signs that your appliance is in need of repairs by a “professional.”

Warning Signs That Appliance Needs Repairing:

Small appliance repair

Sign # 1: There’s a burning smell

This is a serious red flag! For some strange reason, there’s a burning smell coming from your appliance. This is an indicator of either a component or, typically, electrical wiring overheating. This can potentially lead to the appliance catching on fire or spike up your electricity bill. So if you detect any such smell coming from any appliance, immediately turn it off and call for a professional to repair the appliance.

Sign # 2: There’s a strange noise

If the appliance is making a strange noise that it wasn’t previously, the chances are that something’s not right and it’s a warning sign that the equipment may malfunction. Instead of keeping operating/using it, call for a repairman to come to fix the appliance for you. If you are looking for the best appliance repair in Ottawa, Fix Appliances is the right service for you.

Sign # 3: The performance is not the same

If the performance of the appliance seems inconsistent to you, like the fridge not cooling like it used to or the oven taking longer to cook your meals or burning them, this is another sign that the appliance is not functioning correctly and you need to have it fixed. Rather than fiddling with the controls in the hope that things will work out on their own, reach out for help. Professional companies have experienced repairmen that have a license to operate on your appliances and accurately diagnose the problem.

Sign # 4: There’s water leakage

Appliances that use water, such as washing machines, dryers, or dishwashers, have a mechanism to dispose of the water, if you see a leak from anywhere else, then it’s a fault (most likely a damaged/worn out seal) that needs urgent repairing. If you don’t want mold surrounding your appliance and the area around it, the best course of action is to preemptively call a professional repairman to fix the issue for you.

Sign # 5: Utility bills aAre increasing

Getting higher utility bills than you expect? Perhaps your appliances are to be blamed for it? You see, if an appliance is struggling to perform, chances are it is wasting a lot of resources that are powering it. This could be electricity, gas, or even water. The more you try to put up with an appliance that has problems, the more you are increasing your long-term costs. Not to mention the ultimate breakdown that will need you to replace the appliance altogether. Think smart, dial for a repairman, and experience the change in the performance of the appliance as well as your utility bills going down.

Sign # 6: The Appliance is not Working Altogether

There’s no clearer sign that this is for a broken or malfunctioning appliance. No display, not operating, non-responsive, no nothing. This can only be helped with experience and the right service. The repairman will either repair the appliance for you or help you understand that you may be in need of getting a new one. Still, before you dial the repairman, make sure that the appliance is properly plugged in and it is receiving electricity/gas/water to work. Also, check if any of the vents or filters are clogged, which is preventing the appliance from functioning. Some of the modern appliances like washing machines and dryers have a display that can help diagnose the issue. Still, rather than operating on it yourself, if you have even a small amount of uncertainty, seek professional help to fix your appliance for you.

Sign # 7: It’s Causing Power Flickering

Notice any flickering of lights the moment you turn on an appliance? Power flickering is another telltale sign of faulty appliances that are in need of repair. This can lead to serious issues later on, so it is best to have the appliance repaired rather than keep using it.

Specific Warning Signs:

Listed below are some specific warning signs pertaining to common household appliances that are a clear indicator of an appliance malfunction.

For Refrigerator

  • Not Cooling
  • Frosting/defrosting at wrong places
  • Moisture at unwanted places, especially inside the fridge/freezer
  • Leak problems from inside or outside the fridge

For Oven/Microwave:

  • Wildly varying temperatures
  • Inconsistent or no cooking
  • No display (if there’s a display)
  • Burners not operating as they are supposed to
  • Malfunctioning timer/control system (not displaying or buttons not responding)

For Washing Machine/Dryer:

  • Improper rotations
  • Clothes are getting damaged
  • Not filling/draining properly
  • Clothes not cleaning/drying right
  • Leak problems

There can be other signs besides the aforementioned, but they all point in one direction, and that is your appliance/s needing repairing.


appliance repair

There’s no need to be a hero, as some jobs are more suited for professionals. If an appliance needs repairing, reach out to appliances repair. Ranging from leaks to heating and appliances not operating efficiently, professionals licensed repairmen can service all your common household appliances.

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