Sudoku and JS puzzles – Ways to survive the Quarantine


The world is a much quieter place without the bustle of big cities and what they have to offer. Now, we find ourselves missing our favourite restaurants, watering holes, or just about any place that once used to bring us joy. But, hey, don’t worry! There’s still plenty to do in this period while you wait for better times ahead. This article takes a look at the two most productive and fun activities ( Sudoku and JS puzzles), that you can do at home in the time of quarantine, and yes, we assure you, they are ‘fun’ and ‘productive.’

JS Puzzles

As most of you guys know, before the pandemic era, I was a very outspoken opponent of games and riddles. They appeared to be worthless, a waste of time, and a significant barrier to a productive dialogue. Wasn’t it merely labor masquerading as entertainment?

My former roommate, an avid gamer, would host nights for a group of friends where they would play elaborate board games with strategies and even basic rules that I could never quite understand. I learned to opt-out ultimately, hiding in my room or jeering from the sidelines, and promised to only engage in his game plans on rare occasions, such as his birthday.

However, as a result of the quarantine, I, like many others, found myself with an extraordinary amount of idle time and unrest. Under these circumstances, I began to see the appeal of tasks that appear stakes but have no real consequences if you fail. The goal of games is that they manage to be both entertaining and constructive at the same time.

·      Benefits of JS Puzzles

I learned that crossword and jigsaw puzzles are as tough to get away from as Twitter but without the weird sense of obligation that often keeps Twitter users like myself digging for all sorts of pieces of information and other morsels of attention.

The deep thrum of this unwanted fear often vibrating our neurological systems was briefly yet perfectly silenced by a simple, nostalgic JS Puzzle with pals over a glass of fantastic wine.

These Jigsaw puzzles, commonly known as JS Puzzles, are a treat for the mind, as they ensure that you don’t just enjoy them, but your activity improves while having fun in the era of covid and quarantines.


Researchers have been telling us for years that puzzles like Sudoku can sharpen your brains like nothing else. But it took us the years of covid and quarantine to realize that, yes, these researches make a lot of sense, and why these puzzle games are everyone’s favorite.

Sudoku’s advantages are one of the reasons for its widespread popularity. It is, in essence, a simple puzzle with a simple design and clear and straightforward principles that are free of hidden traps. Despite this, children and adults of all ages are enthralled by its challenges.

The rewards that players can experience firsthand, even if they do not think about them consciously, are the driving force behind their dedication to this numbers puzzle.


·      Benefits of Sudoku

In these challenging times of quarantine and race of today’s world, a simple numbers puzzle can tame today’s society’s two big bad words – anxiety and stress. As understood, one of the advantages of Sudoku is that it forces the player to focus on the grid and apply logical reasoning to solve each cell.

The brain becomes entirely focused on the work at hand rather than the source of worry and anxiety while doing so. This respite maybe just be long enough for the gamer to regain their equilibrium and relax.

Once they’ve completed the puzzle, they may discover that the activity or problem that had caused them so much anxiety isn’t as strenuous as it first appeared.

Solving a problem can be a chaotic process initially, and you’re likely to hop from the row and column analysis to group analysis at random. On the other hand, the brain will begin to look for patterns of answers on its own. As you continue through the game, you’ll learn which parts and patterns are more likely to lead to a faster and easier answer.


Hence, online puzzles like LiveSudoku and JS Puzzles can be your best friends in times of quarantine, especially if you are having a hard time going through the boredom and the feeling of uselessness that quarantine has brought to us all.

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