What are the best natural repellents for Canadian Goose?

Canadian Goose

Everyone likes Canadian Geese when they’re soaring up in the sky, all majestic and far out. But when they land on your lawn and just won’t leave, you’ll be surprised how quickly your opinion of them changes. All of a sudden, you’re running around on the Internet, looking for the quickest, most sure-fire way to get rid of Canadian Geese by yourself. Well, you’re in luck.

In this article, we’ll look at the best natural repellents for Canadian Geese, as well as instruct you on some preventive measures to stop future infestations.

Why natural repellents? Because we don’t think using lethal removal methods like poison or traps is necessarily a superior solution, and we wouldn’t recommend it unless as a last measure.

Also, bear in mind that nothing can compare with hiring a professional like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers for geese removal. This is by far the most efficient and hassle-free option if you’re dealing with a geese infestation. However, if hiring a professional is not available to you, here are some pretty effective repellents to try.

Canadian Goose

1.   Use light

Remember that most wild critters can be effectively kept at bay with clever use of lights. Whether it’s nocturnal animals like a raccoon or diurnal like the Canadian Goose, light can play a major role in keeping unwanted wildlife away from your property. Now, one option would be to purchase a specially designed geese-repelling lighthouse, which is basically a device that’s stuck into the ground, and regularly emits strong lights at night. This disrupts the animal’s cycle and makes it impossible for the Canadian Geese in your yard to get any sleep. In time, this wears them down and encourages them to look for a home elsewhere.

Alternatively, you might opt for a more general light-deterrent, which is motion-activated and works on a similar basis (though is designed to ward off a more general selection of critters, not just geese).

2.   Install sprinklers

Another efficient deterrent you can install directly in your backyard is a set of motion-activated sprinklers. This is actually a very interesting duality in the geese’s personalities. While they infamously love water sources like lakes and ponds, they do not like being splashed and will go to extensive measures to avoid it. This means, if they associate your home with being sprinkled, they may start avoiding it.

3.   Get a dog

One of the most sure-fire ways to repel geese, and deter them from nesting on your property is by getting a known geese predator, namely a dog. A dog is actually a great addition to your household, as it will keep not only Canadian Geese away, but also most other kinds of predators. Luckily, many pests don’t even need to come into contact with the dog, its mere presence will be enough to indicate that your home is to be avoided.

Now, what kinds of dogs are best for keeping Canadian Geese out? By far the best choice, if keeping out Canadian Geese is your primary concern, is getting a Border Collie, as they will very quickly round up and kick out all geese.

Failing that, a German Shepherd or an Australian Cattle Dog are both excellent geese repellents as well. Basically, any animal with a proclivity towards steering away other animals (like sheep) is going to work well and doesn’t even need to come into direct contact with the geese.

4.   Grow out your grass

Geese generally don’t like tall grass, as it prevents them from nesting, so it’s quite likely they will avoid yards with grown grass. On the other hand, there’s a whole host of other critters, like rats, raccoons, and snakes, that love yards with tall grass. So you may be switching out one nuisance for another, which may not be worth it in the end.

5.   Close off water sources

Since the main reason Canadian Geese are on your property is an easily accessible water source nearby, it might be a good idea to fence that off. Now, maybe the water source belongs to you in the form of a pond, or fountain, in which case, our recommendation would be to fence it off with wire mesh, so as to make it difficult for geese to access it.

If, however, the water source is a pond or river near your property, you might get better results by fencing your property, instead.

6.   Use geese repellent

While you may be tempted to try a natural DIY repellent, bear in mind these aren’t generally known for their effectiveness. To date, only Grape Kool-Aid has been known to ward off Canadian Geese. If you’re interested in using repellent, you may look for store-bought, non-toxic geese repellent. Not only will it ward off Canadian Geese, but will most likely prove effective against other birds, like pigeons, gulls, and so on.

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