What you need to do when your testosterone level is low

testosterone level

Testosterone level – The hormone called testosterone is responsible for the male sex. The stable growth and operation of male sexual organs depend on the amount of the hormone testosterone. A low level of testosterone can cause symptoms that are annoying and may lower your quality of life. With the help of the hormone testosterone, male traits such as facial and body hair, a deeper voice, and bigger muscles develop in boys during puberty and the adolescent years. Throughout their lifetime, testosterone levels change. Given the fact that levels of testosterone often decrease with age, older men frequently have lower levels of this hormone.

Signs of a low level of testosterone may manifest as decreased body hair, erectile dysfunction, lower muscle mass, growth of breast tissue, and low sexual drive. Even though there are treatments for low testosterone, many men prefer to begin by making lifestyle changes that naturally increase their levels of this hormone. Here are some changes that you can make to increase your testosterone levels.

Reduce Stress

Chronic, prolonged stress is detrimental and can result in a variety of health issues.

Cortisol, a hormone that regulates a number of functions, including immune reaction and metabolism, is elevated by stress. Increased cortisol has a deleterious effect on testosterone. According to a 2016 study, men’s testosterone levels fluctuate erratically as a result of stressful situations. That’s why it is important to reduce your stress. 

Female and male medical students completed questionnaires and provided saliva samples in the two months leading up to their final exams while under exam stress. Under exam stress, salivary testosterone levels significantly increased in the men in the research, whereas they significantly decreased in the women. The study’s authors hypothesize that the stress reaction in the male subjects led to hostility, emotional restraint, and rumination, which may help explain the differences in sexes.

What you need to do when your testosterone level is low

Make Sure You Sleep Enough

Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on the body’s ability to produce the necessary hormones and chemicals, including testosterone. According to one study from the University of Chicago Reliable Source, low levels of testosterone may be seen in males who do not get enough sleep. After just a week of sleep deprivation, the researchers found that levels of testosterone during the day declined by up to 15%. Just 1% to 2% less testosterone is lost each year than would naturally occur with aging. Putting sleep first might control testosterone levels. Anyone who routinely struggles to get a good night’s sleep should see their doctor.

Enhance Your Diet

Your testosterone levels rise when you adopt and maintain a healthy diet. Low levels of testosterone are significantly more common in obese males. Unusually high levels of abdominal fat almost certainly have a significant role. It is believed that having more of this type of fat causes a rise in the production of the aromatize enzyme, which lowers a man’s free testosterone levels by converting testosterone into estrogen. A nutritious diet consists of plenty of fruits, veggies, full-grain carbs, omega-3 fatty acids in proportion, and lean meats like chicken and fish. Avoiding processed, simple carbs, such as those in chips and other junk food, is the key to a balanced diet while trying to increase your testosterone levels.

Start Taking Supplements and Vitamins

According to one study, taking vitamin D pills may help treat a deficiency and even boost testosterone levels. Additionally, it can help maintain healthy vitamin D levels to get at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight each day. Salmon and other fatty fish, fortified milk, and cereal products are food sources rich in vitamin D. If a deficiency is to blame for the drop in testosterone, using magnesium supplements can help get them back to normal. As well, zinc causes testosterone levels to increase. One older study from 2007 found that in sedentary men who exercise, 4 weeks of zinc supplementation helped stop a drop in testosterone levels.

DHEA is a hormone that aids in the synthesis of other hormones that influence body composition, including testosterone. Testosterone and DHEA levels decrease with aging. An elderly male sample received DHEA supplementation in one analysis. The researchers found that the supplements had statistically significant impacts on body composition but were only modestly helpful.

While levels of testosterone do decrease with age, there are many ways you can, to an extent, prevent that from happening. Exercise and other lifestyle modifications that increase testosterone can also enhance general health. If home remedies do not relieve your symptoms or improve your long-term health, consult a doctor about your best options.

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