REM stations revealed – Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Laval and North Shore

REM Stations revealed

Following a year filled with delays due to the pandemic and other problems, considerable progress has still been made in many areas of the REM project. Work on the South shore stations are taking shape and the first fully automated REM cars arrived – with trial runs scheduled soon. Although most of the REM construction work will soon shut down for a good part of the winter, several of the new station designs have been revealed. They include the Sunnybrooke and Pierrefonds-Roxboro stations in the West Island, the Île-Bigras Sainte-Dorothée stations in Laval, as well as the Grand-Moulin and Deux-Montagnes stations on the North Shore.

The REM will transform the transportation offerings in each sector, as well as the area around them. The stations will be closed buildings, sheltered from the whims of the weather, heated in winter and ventilated in summer and equipped with elevators and Wi-Fi. Glass is used in the architecture to take advantage of the outside light and landscaping is also planned to promote urban integration.

REM – Rendering of the Sunnybrooke station

Pierrefonds – Roxboro REM stations

  • SUNNYBROOKE: will replace the existing train station of the same name. It will be an elevated station, located east of Sunnybrooke Boulevard and adjacent to a new overpass above the boulevard. The urban integration (entrance square and plantings) is designed to provide a welcoming space in front of the station. It will be located at the corner of Gouin and Sunnybrooke boulevards. Main access is via Sunnybrooke Boulevard and from the two park-and-ride lots on either side of the station. Pedestrian access is provided from Gouin Boulevard West and Cérès Street
  • PIERREFONDS-ROXBORO: It will replace the current train station. It will also be an elevated station, with a large 5,000-m² public square located just north of the station, at the parking level and under the elevated structure. It will be located within the area formed by Gouin Boulevard West, 4th Avenue, 5th Avenue and 11th Avenue. The station will be accessible from 11th Avenue via a pedestrian corridor. In addition, pedestrians will be able to access the station via Gouin Boulevard West and Jean Brillant Avenue.
  • PARK-AND-RIDE lots for both stations will have approximately 505 spaces, including 9 universal access spaces, 51 spaces reserved for carpooling – and 10 parking spaces with electric car charging stations will be accessible. There will also be universal accessibility to the stations platforms via elevators. Construction for both stations is expected to begin in 2021.

Laval REM stations

  • ÎLE-BIGRAS: It will serve Îles-Laval and be located on the same site as the train station with the same name. The station, raised by retaining walls, will be lined with vegetation to promote its ‘harmonious integration’ into its environment with landscaping around the area. The two railway bridges linking the island will be refurbished or rebuilt to accommodate the passage of the REM. It will be located between Du Mistral Road and Des Rocailles Road, and accessible from Des Rocailles Road and the new roadway connecting Du Bois Road and Du Tour Road, which runs beneath the REM railway tracks. There will also be universal accessibility to the station platforms via elevators. *PARK-AND-RIDE lot will be bordered by a pedestrian walkway with approximately 45 spaces – including 3 universal access spaces, 5 spaces reserved for carpooling and 1 parking space with an electric car charging station. Construction for the station is expected to begin in 2021.
  • SAINTE-DOROTHÉE: It will be located in the same area as the existing EXO train station – and unique in the plant embankment distinguishing it, created to be a buffer zone between homes and the station. Avenue des Bois has been redeveloped to run under the REM tracks and connect to Bord-de-l’Eau Road, while Graveline Street has been transformed into a dead-end street. Chemin-de-Fer Street has also been extended to Des Bois Avenue north of the park-and-ride lot. There will also be universal accessibility to the station platforms via elevators. *PARK-AND-RIDE lot will have approximately 975 spaces – including 5 universal access spaces, 98 spaces reserved for carpooling and 20 parking spaces with electric car charging stations. Construction for the stations is expected to begin in 2021.

North Shore REM stations

  • GRAND-MOULIN: A ground level station, it will be located in the City of Deux-Montagnes on the site of the Exo train station with the same name, located at the corner of 9th Avenue and Du Lac Boulevard. The station is accessible via Du Lac Boulevard and from the park-and-ride lots. A pedestrian passage has been built under the overpass to allow users coming from the parking lots to get to the station easily. *PARK-AND-RIDE lot will have approximately 320 spaces – including 2 universal access spaces, 23 spaces reserved for carpooling and 5 parking spaces with electric car charging stations. Construction for the station is expected to begin in 2021.
  • DEUX-MONTAGNES: Being the REM’s terminal station on the North Shore, it underwent unique landscaping treatment to protect and enhance the surrounding natural environment, including the Roger-Lemoine woodland and the railway heritage. The station will be located on Deux-Montagnes Boulevard, between Ovila-Forget Street and 20th Avenue. Pedestrians arriving from the bus terminal have direct access to the station. There will also be universal accessibility to the station platforms via elevators. *PARK-AND-RIDE lot, accessible via Gaétan-Labrêche Street, will have approximately 1,245 spaces – including 5 universal access spaces, 116 spaces reserved for carpooling, 23 parking spaces with electric car charging stations and 5 bus platforms to serve neighbouring municipalities on the North Shore.

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