Bluerev Bikes – A game changer in the E-Bike industry

E-Bike industry

E-Bike – It’s a different age, different era; and electric bikes changing the status quo for bikers. Between 2019 and 2020, sales in e-bikes increased by 145% — an outstanding feat for a new entry bike. Speculations on traditional bikes taking the back seat terrifically grew. Was it a dying era for the older generation? Or was this merely a mash-up to provide some variety?

Either way, electronic bikes are here to stay and the standard bikes aren’t going anywhere. With a soaring industry valued at over $200 billion, e-bikes are gaining traction on public acceptance. These battery-powered double wheelers ease biking; howbeit, they are not an insult to the “foot pedalling” tradition. Rather, they exist to enhance the goal of every biker — biking experience.


Why E-Bikes?

With the rise in popularity of electric bikes, there’s no disputing that some aspects of them stick out in a way that their predecessors or, as some would call it, “counterparts” don’t. But rather than seen as a competitor, these bikes are a variation of the same class — call it the electric version. So, what makes them unique?

The Need for Speed

E-bikes are quick — as fast as they go — while not being as fast as motorbikes. They can reach peak speeds of 20 to 28 mph, depending on the brand and type. These bikes also cover more ground than regular cycles, saving both time and energy. Best of all, they offer a great biking experience that allows riders to enjoy the view while racing.

Outstanding Battery Life

Another huge advantage of electric bikes is their battery life. When on the road for an hour or two, it is nice to be able to get a decent number of miles. Bikers are always within arm’s reach of a charging station, so keeping the battery topped up is never a problem.

This is coupled with the fact that electric bikes don’t have moving parts to wear out or break. It implies thatcyclists are more likely to have a worry-free bike with the capacity to get them around for a long time.

Easy Pedalling

The pedals, dubbed “pedelecs” by e-bikers, are battery-powered, with some having a throttle. While riding, bikers can engage the motor to navigate varying terrains effortlessly.

The throttle comes to life at the touch of a button on throttle-based models. However, this category of bikes does not offer a conventional biking experience.

Alternative Transportation to Go Green

E-bikes are another environmentally friendly option. They are alternatives to automobiles and other CO2-emitting vehicles. Why not pick a bike instead of driving a car? Moreover, based on a recent poll, 28% of respondents purchased electric bikes as vehicle replacements.

Beyond going green, bikers don’t have to worry about traffic and parking tickets as they are great alternatives for everyday commuting.

BlueRev Electric Bikes — A Special Class of an E-Bike

BlueRev e-bikes are designed with three main factors in mind — style, speed, and comfort. Categorized into various models, each variant offers bikers a unique experience. They include:

  • BlueRev Cobra
  • BlueRev Miami Vice
  • BlueRev Trio
  • BlueRev Ultra

Each category has a cutting-edge design with shock-absorption capabilities. The bikes are also lighter and easier to handle. The BlueRev e-bike company has also taken care of the other great aspects, including acceleration and braking.

Such enhanced features make for smoother rides. With the modern bike frame and the shocks, bikers will be able to zoom around more smoothly.

BlueRev Ultra

Think of a monstrous e-bike and what comes to mind? The BlueRev Cobra. Standing at 4ft and measuring a length of 6.5ft, this bike comes with huge front and rear fat tires, 26×4” and 20×4”, respectively.

The bike’s 48v 750-watt rear-wheel motor, which is powered by a lithium-ion battery, is remarkable and essential to the bike’s peak speed of 32 kph. The power pack is housed within the floor deck for improved handling and a lower centre of gravity. In terms of range, the BlueRev Ultra maxes out at 40km.

BlueRev Miami Vice

The BlueRev Miami Vice is known for its sturdiness — thanks to its unique aluminium alloy frame. It spots 20×4” tires, matched with 180mm hydraulic discs (brakes). There are two riding modes: PAS Mode and Electric Mode, both having 5 shifts.

The former comes with a range of 60 – 80km, and the latter, 40 – 50km. Maximum speed caps at 35kph. A Samsung lithium-ion battery powers the rear-wheel motor, which has a capacity of 48v 750 watts.

BlueRev Trio

When it comes to choosing an electric trike that makes all the bold statements, BlueRev Trio takes it away. Unlike the BlueRev Ultra and BlueRev Miami Vice, the BlueRev Trio spots 24” wheels and a 14.5Ah battery that provides a range of 60 – 90km. Bikers can upgrade to a 21Ah battery for a range of 100km – 150km.

Its front wheel is powered by a 500-watt motor to increase speed, while powerful hydraulic brakes safely bring the trike to a stop. Pedal Assist Sensors and a thumb throttle are also included. Its spacious front and rear carriers allow for a variety of items to be carried.

BlueRev Ultra

BlueRev Ultra is the best choice for bikers who value storage above all else, but this time from an e-bike. Bulky items are accommodated in both the large front and rear carriers. But that isn’t the only thing that distinguishes the BlueRev Ultra.

In addition, this BlueRev model chews through any terrain, even sand and snow, thanks to its rugged 4” tires and 500-watt engine. It also comes with head and rear taillights, front and rear fenders, a front suspension fork, and a seat suspension post.

The brake system is smooth and responsive. When engaged, the active wired braking light responds accordingly. Its top range varies based on the battery used, which may fall into any of these categories:

  • A 14.5 Ah battery with a range of 60 – 90km
  • A 17.5 Ah battery with a range of 80 – 120km or
  • A 21 Ah Battery with a range of 100 – 140km

The electric cargo bike is suited for riders of all sizes and can be easily packed in the trunk of a car, boat, or recreational vehicle.

In Conclusion

From time to time, people put their bikes together and try to ride them to work or other places of interest. As they ride, they feel a need to make a few adjustments. These modifications make the trip more comfortable and safer.

Electric bikes, on the other hand, are a different story. Their design and functionality are geared toward providing cyclists with a custom fit, convenience, and speed. And when it comes to ticking these checkboxes, BlueRev does it best.

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