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29 Years of Generosity Towards Sun Youth!


Generosity towards Sun Youth – Since its foundation, Sun Youth has provided ongoing support and financial assistance to individuals and low-income families. Fortunately, the organization benefits from the support of partners such as the Tribunal administratif du travail – division relations du travail(formally known as the Commission des relations du travail).

Over the last 29 years, the Tribunal administratif du travail has proven to be one of Sun Youth’s most loyal donors. Its support was once again renewed on December 12th, 2019, when representatives of the Tribunal administratif du travail division relations du travail Committee presented their 29th annual contribution: $6,717 to help the organization during its Christmas Basket distribution.

Generosity towards Sun Youth

For over three decades, Sun Youth’s Holiday Campaign is not only essential for the success of the Christmas Basket distribution, but also in allowing the organization to be able to support its clientele during the first three months of the year,a crucial and difficult period for low-income families. This year, some 12 000 people, including 500 with reduced mobility and about 5000 families, will receive food for the Holidays and new toys for their children aged 12 and under.

Sun Youth
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Established on January 1st2016, the Tribunal administratif du travail, an 
administrative court part of the Government of Quebec, results from the merger of Commission des lésions professionnelles(CLP) and of Commission des relations du travail(CRT). Combining the powers previously attributed to these two bodies, the Tribunal is called upon to rule on numerous appeals related to the field of work, particularly in matters of occupational health and safety. In all its actions, the Tribunal puts forward its values: access to justice, impartiality, listening and respect. The Labor Relations Division rules on appeals regarding job protection, association and bargaining rights, as well as pay equity. The Tribunal encourages amicable settlement of disputes by offering a conciliation service in all of its divisions. If the parties do not reach a settlement or if they do not wish to resort to conciliation, they may present their position at a hearing before an administrative judge who will make a decision after listening to both parties.

We would like to thank the Tribunal administratif du travail division relations du travailfor its solidarity towards us. Its commitment continues to make a difference by contributing to the well-being of the community throughout Montreal and Quebec.

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