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These Canadian social media stars are crushing it on YouTube, Instagram and twitch right now


Canadian social media stars- To break the internet. It’s the goal of every social media influencer. While an actual breaking of the internet would be counterproductive to the mission of spinning off viral content — you need an audience to go viral after all, and that audience needs the internet to find you — it does sound like an impressive feat.

The nine proud Canadian influencers and personalities profiled herein may not be destroying websites or ninja-kicking servers, but they are breaking the internet in visible ways across YouTube, Twitch and Instagram.

Tube Sensations

 The granddaddy of all DIY video content socials, YouTube, is as relevant as ever for influencers. The Google-owned property has made household names out of once anonymous folks who dared to turn the camera on themselves and share with the world. Let’s look at the Canadians leading the pack on YouTube.

  • Lilly Singh

Personalities in the YouTube sphere don’t get any bigger than Lilly Singh, aka IISuperwomanII. The Scarborough, Ontario, native boasts the golden metrics to make even the most successful of YouTubers envious: 13.9 million subscribers and over 2 billion views on her channel. Forbes magazine also listed Lily as the top-earning YouTube star of 2017 with an annual income of $10.5 million.

And then there are the awards. Lily has netted an MTV Fandom Award, four Streamy Awards, two Teen Choice Awards and a People’s Choice Award. So, just what is it about Lily that makes her so special? She’s fun, a natural entertainer and she possesses an amazing gift of gab. Her satirical takes on everyday life offer bags of laughs to anyone with a sense of humour. Find Lilly’s channel at youtube.com/user/IISuperwomanII.

  • Furious Pete

Let’s set the record straight on competitive eating: love it or hate it, you must admit, it’s a talent. And there’s no better platform for people to showcase their creative talents than YouTube. Enter Peter Czerwinski, aka Furious Pete. The holder of 14 Guinness World Records in competitive eating, Pete broadcasts his eating challenges, motivational fitness and culinary travel adventures to over 4.7 million subscribers.

Pete suffered from anorexia as a teenager in Toronto, ultimately rising above it with a devotion to weightlifting. Along the way, he discovered his digestive rate was suited for devouring impressive amounts of food. But you wouldn’t know it to look at him. Pete is a muscle machine with a killer physique. If only we could all chow down like competitive eaters and maintain dream beach bods! Join the fury, food, fun and inspiration at youtube.com/user/furiouspete123.

  • Vanoss Gaming

The Great White North is home to some incredible gamers, esports pros and video game commentators? FIle Evan Fong, better known to the world as Vanoss Gaming, in the commentator camp. We think his banter over videos featuring the likes of Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: World at War sessions are brilliant, hilarious, and frankly, addictive.

VanossGaming narrates a game of Uno, and it’s like nothing you have ever heard. Source: VanossGaming

You can imagine Evan hanging out with your gamer squad and getting on famously. The guy has perfected the art of the video game voice-over. Watch and listen to learn what more than 23 million subscribers already know at https://www.youtube.com/user/VanossGaming.

Twitch Talents

Mostly associated with influencers in the video game streaming world, Twitch has expanded in recent years to include talented digital artists and creative types. We give major props to Twitch for being the most real-time interactive social platform — content is live streamed, and followers can chat with their favourite streamers and each other. Are there Canadians crushing it on Twitch? You bet there are!

  • TSM_TheOddOne

Born and raised in Calgary, Brian Wyllie takes the name TSM_TheOddOne on Twitch where he enjoys a devoted audience of nearly a million followers. The former League of Legends pro now spends his time streaming his gameplay of over 100 titles, mixing expert moves with highly entertaining commentary.

From Darkest Dungeon DLC to Kindergarten, every gamer will find videos to love on TSM_TheOddOne’s channel. Follow along at twitch.tv/tsm_theoddone.

An impressive percentage of Canadian adults are active on social media, fueling the rise of native influencers across platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Instagram.
Credits: Socialmedialab.ca
  • Cirno_TV

Cirno is a Twitch streamer from Alberta with an obsession for old-school first-person shooter titles like Doom 2, Half-Life and Quake. In the process, he holds court over history class by exposing a new generation to throwback classics.

That’s not to say Cirno is a one-trick pony stuck in the Proterozoic Era of video games. He’s a multifaceted talent who also streams diversity of more contemporary favourites such as House Flipper, Minecraft and Guitar Hero 4. You can find him at twitch.tv/cirno_tv.

  • tonkaaaaP

To show some Twitch shout-out love for what you might call non-traditional video gamers, we proudly turn to Parker “tonkaaaaP” Talbot, perhaps the most personable poker streamer on the platform. He’s deservedly received mad props from online poker fans around the world and reps on 888poker’s team of ambassadors.

Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, Parker became obsessed with poker after an introduction to the sport via a televised World Poker Tour event. Cut to the present, and he’s streaming pro-level poker at least five days a week to 84,000 followers while winning handsomely. Seeing is believing, so check out Parker’s poker passion for yourself at twitch.tv/tonkaaaap.

Insta Influencers

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but on Instagram, it can be worth a million bucks or more. As the de-facto social platform for image-oriented influencers, Instagram reaches audiences like no other. And you better believe a bevy of photogenic Canadians are making super use of Insta. Here are a few we enjoy following.

  • ChampagnePapi

While most social media stars are better known by their screen names than given names, ChampagnePapi is the exception. You can call him Drake. Yes, that one, as in the planet’s biggest hip-hop star Drake.

Drake continues to put “The 6” on the map via his loyal Instagram following. Image Credit: Elle South Africa

The Toronto native’s Instagram is the perfect combo of lifestyle pics, behind-the-scenes candids of his showbiz appearances and the occasional adorbs throwback. Drake loves living large and in the limelight. And his 43 million followers are happy to be along for the journey. Check out Drake on IG: @champagnepapi.

  • AnnaWithLove

Toronto-based style-maven Anna Argiropoulos goes by AnnaWithLove on IG, but she could just as well call herself the photographer with the cutest pics ever! This lifestyle photog and personal branding expert fills her page with irresistible images of creative home decor, arresting cityscapes and silly family moments staged with her hubby and darling son.

Anna’s original photos look like they were ripped straight from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens or InStyle magazine. Get your Pinterest boards ready. Go follow her now: @AnnaWithLove.

  • Cocoroha

What would a list of Instagram influencers be without a supermodel? Here’s where we turn to Coco Rocha, a Toronto-born beauty with major offline fashion industry credits, including work for Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Coco shows off her candid, cheeky side on Insta, often photographed with her equally photogenic family. They shop at the grocery store, play in the park and venture to Fashion Week just like the rest of us. Well, maybe minus the Fashion Week jaunts, but her account gives us the next best thing to tagging along. Join Coco’s 1+ million followers: @cocorocha.

The content and style of these internet breakers couldn’t be more different, but they all have special ties to Canada. Do our country proud by following or subscribing to the channels of our stand-out influencers. The internet can handle it. We promise.

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