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Top 10 Omar Khayyam quotes about love


Omar Khayyam was sure that love is an ultimatum, an all-encompassing force that can’t be determined or measured, but can only be felt. Rereading his quotes, you find in them a new meaning and follow the thoughts of the great poet, which can help you seduce a woman. It is known that Omar Khayyam has been writing love poems all his life, but they became known after the death of this great man. Omar Khayyam’s love poems are still relevant today. Thanks to the Internet, especially social networks, his poems are used as the expression of thoughts of many people. Wise sayings become support for people who want to mentally distract from the world around and read something really worthwhile.

  1. “A torn flower must be presented, a new poem must be ended, and a loved woman must be happy; otherwise, it shouldn’t be started.”

Khayyam appealed many wise quotes to men, forcing them to take another look at their own behaviour and attitude to women. In this quote, Omar Khayyam says to a strong half of humanity to be able to let go of a loved woman if there is no chance to make her happy. According to him, a man should bring any started business to the end or accept defeat with dignity.

  1. “Passion can’t coexist in friendship. If you feel passion, then you will not be together for long.”

The wise remark of Omar Khayyam means that it is necessary to distinguish between passion and true feeling and not to expect that the first passion will remain unchanged in relationships over the years. Love changes, it becomes deeper and calmer, and passion alone will not bring happiness to a couple.

  1. “Where the court administers love, all dialects are silent.”

This is a laconic and capacious quote. It means that love is omnipotent and doesn’t tolerate objections.

  1. “In a loved one, even shortcomings are liked, and in an unloved one, even dignity irritates.”

The truthfulness of this quote about love will be confirmed by anyone who has ever had feelings and felt fondness with a loved one.

  1. “You can seduce a man who has a wife, you can seduce a man who has a mistress, but you can’t seduce a man who has a loved woman!”

This is a rather straightforward male view of the relationship between the sexes. It confirms that the status of the relationship doesn’t matter if it is not about real feelings.

  1. “I consider days spent without the joys of love unnecessary and hateful.”

Despite the fact that these wise words of Omar Khayyam sound slightly pessimistic, they are quite truthful. They philosophically urge us to remember not only good or bad feelings but the real ones too. Khayyam teaches us to try to see real things in everything, and not just one blinding emotion.

  1. “In this world, love is the decoration of people. To be deprived of love is to be without friends. The one whose heart doesn’t have the feeling of love is a donkey, though he is not wearing donkey ears!”

The author talks about the essence of love, its many faces and boundaries, which have been interpreted since the beginning of time.

  1. “The one who is colder than ice doesn’t burn with love and knows nothing about it is unhappy. And the day spent without a sweetheart is the most wasted of days for the heart of a loving person!”

This love quote tells you how strongly the feeling fills the human soul and how empty it remains after the loss of love.

  1. “Alas, we have not very long life. So, it is a sin to live without love and wine.”

Omar Khayyam frankly expresses his attitude towards life.

  1. “If the heart doesn’t love, it becomes homeless. If there is no love, then why do people live?”

Maybe there is no person who can challenge these words. Life without love becomes a meaningless existence.

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