The dawn of “Squid Games”: Best Korean dramas to watch In 2021-2022

Squid Games

Korean dramas have been sweeping the world and captivating audiences for decades. The genre has found success in both Korea and abroad, but now that is beginning to change. As global tastes are changing, Koreans realize that they need to produce content that will appeal to their international audiences like ‘Squid Games’.

“Squid Games” is the latest Netflix Korean drama. Right now, Squid Games is trending worldwide on Netflix. And it’s not hard to see why: exciting plotlines, story arcs that can be understood yet still seem new and original, and of course the impeccable acting skills of Korean actors and actresses.

People frequently ask us questions like:

  • Which Korean drama is trending now 2021?
  • What should I watch in 2021?
  • How to get access to Netflix if blocked?

So, if you are looking to watch top Korean dramas, then keep reading this article!

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Top Korean Dramas:

After the recent success of Korean dramas on Netflix, people are looking for more Korean dramas to entertain themselves. We have short-listed some of the best Korean dramas for you on Netflix.

Squid Games:

Squid Games is the latest Kdrama on Netflix. It is a thrilling drama composed of 8 episodes. The story is about a person who is a father of a girl and has an old mother. He used to play gambling and lost all his money. He owes money to different people who are now looking for him.

All of sudden, the man received a strange call where 456 people were invited to play 6 games. The winner will be rewarded with huge price money. The person lost everything in the quest for money. Squid Games is full of suspense, thriller, and worth watching.

The Red Sleeve Cuff:

Red Cuff of the Sleeve builds on a novel that narrates the life story of Sung Deok-im, a lady in the lowest court who turns into the top queen. The drama shows the dramatic turn of Deok-im’s life and the difficulty and agony of his love story with King Jeongjo.

The court lady-turned-queen, Sung Deok-im, was offered the role of Park Hye-soo, and the Kim Kyung-nam was offered King Jeongjo, the next eldest son in line with the crown.

Dear. M:

Dear. M is based on the popular Love Playlist web drama series and is co-produced by Monster Union and Playlist. The new drama is focused on the search for the mysterious ‘M’ at the University of Seoyeon.

The story consists of 4 students from different departments – Ma Joo-ah, Cha Min-ho, Seo Ji-min, and Park Ha-neul. The 4 of them navigate university lives, changing friendships and emerging romances in the search for “M.”

The cast includes a lengthy list of K-pop idols, like Eun-bin of CLC, Jin-hyuk of UP10TION, and Jae-Hyun of NCT, which will be shown as Seoyeon University’s students.


Moving is based on a webtoon telling the storyline of high school kids and their parents, who have secrets that other students don’t know about each other. Mo Wan-il has directed this drama. The drama was offered to Han Hyo-Joo, Jo In-Seong, and Cha Tae-Hyun.


In his very first Netflix Original, Joo Won, the dearest actor of the Good Doctor smashing hit series, is tasked to investigate a virus that is mysterious and hits the Korean Peninsula.  He is taking on the role of Carter, a South Korean spy suffering from memories loss. The drama will release in 2022.

The Devil Judge

The popular Korean drama, The Devil Judge can now be streamed on Netflix. The drama about the lives of the people in court and their relationships with each other is not to be missed. Law enforcement officers are constantly fighting against crime and corruption. The show also has other action scenes like fighting scenes that show off the best of Korea’s fighting skills.

Voice 4

Voice is a dramatic trail ride on a rollercoaster – it follows the 112 emergency call center staff to investigate crimes using voice and hearing analysis. For the three past seasons, this drama garnered excellent ratings and so secured the fourth season.

We see Lee Ha-na back as a professionally upgraded hearing-profiler, Kang Kwon-Joo. Song Seung-Heon performed the new character of Derek Jo. Derek Jo is from the police unit of Los Angeles and joins the Golden Time team. In Voice 4, the Golden Time team will face a serial killer as brilliant as Kwon- Joo’s, and they will face new problems.


This Korean Drama is based on Two college students, Yoo Na-bi and Park Jae-un will explore going out of their comfort zone. At the end of a failed relationship, Na-bi is hesitant to fall in love again. In contrast, Jae-un tries to express his emotions better.

Hospital Playlist 2

This drama is about the long-lasting friendship of five friends and gives insights into the lives of medical professionals. The season 2 teaser promises stories that will have us waiting to watch them, and what could be better than the 5 friends jamming at band practice.


So, it was the list of some of the best Netflix Korean Dramas. People should watch these, especially Squid Games, to experience real entertainment. People may face errors like Netflix content not being available in some regions. To get access, it is recommended to use a VPN like VeePN. It will also provide safety and protection online.

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