Cavallaro St Jean – Bringing the taste of Italy to Montreal

Cavallaro Fine Foods

It all started with a small cheese store that was opened by Leonardo Cavallaro in the East End. In 1981, his son Giuseppe took the family business to the West Island and set up a humble, low key storefront location.

Over the past 40 years, Cavallaro Fine Foods has been offering its customers the best in Italian food, whether it be items that are made on the premises with fresh, local ingredients, or ingredients and groceries that are directly imported from Italy. Cavallaro Fine Foods have four locations that offer the same high quality Italian edibles, 4701 Boul. St. Jean in DDO, the Marche de l’Ouest, 11722 Salaberry Boulevard, (Les Halles d’Anjou, 7500 Boulevard des Galeries-D’Anjou and 2754 St. Charles Boulevard, Kirkland.

Cavallaro – 4701 Boul. St. Jean in DDO

“Cavallaro Fine Foods is proud of bringing the taste of Italy back to Montreal,” said Matthew Blamchette, a longtime friend of Giuseppe Cavallaro, who became owner of the 12-year-old St. Jean Boulevard location this past November. “I’m a firm believer that good things happen during crazy times, which is why I bought the store when I did. I believe in the pleasure of serving the community by providing good food to them.”

Cavallaro Fine Foods offers a wide variety of Italian food products, which are also available for takeout and delivery, such as imported specialty products, local and imported cheeses, a delicatessen counter, fresh bread baked every day, food platters and gift baskets, not to mention a selection of spices, sauces and antipasto made by prominent Montreal chef Chuck Hughes. However, the food item that is its top seller is the baked Italian pan pizza, that’s offered with different toppings.

“The type of pizzas we make range from tomato; garlic and focaccia; tomato, cheese and pepperoni; fried zucchini; and for Easter, we’re going to be offering a Nutella pizza with a thin crust and topped with powdered sugar; it’s almost like an Italian Beaver Tail,” said Blanchette.

Another top seller is their large selection of pre-made sandwiches, which during lunchtime, attracts a large number of nearby office workers, construction workers, and students from the two schools that are located near the St. Jean Boulevard store. “One popular sandwich with our lunchtime crowd is the chicken cutlet sandwich, which includes a spicy mayo and cabbage combo,” he added.

And for dessert, Cavallaro offers imported ice cream, tiramisu, pastries, as well as a new twist to the always popular cannoli. “Recently, we developed the ‘Cannoli Nacho’,” said Blamchette. “It’s a tray of Sicilian cannoli shells, with the filling mix – made from a secret family recipe – in the middle, resembling a nacho platter. It’s topped with a plastic lid, which keeps it fresh, and saves you from the dilemma of eating a regular cannoli a day later that has a soggy shell.”

Cavallaro is also doing its part for the community – and as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic – by selling prepared meals for families and individuals who are being affected by the lockdowns, self-isolation and nightly curfew. “Whether it be lasagna or pizza, these prepared meals are a great way to cater to the community, and doing it by serving them delicious hot meals in difficult times,” said Blamchette.

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For more information about Cavallaro Fine Foods, its products and services, go to: – or call 514-675-1823 (4701 Boul. St. Jean in DDO), 514-638-9662 (Marche de l’ Ouest, 11722 Salaberry Boulevard), 514-355-5489 (Les Halles d’ Anjou, 7500 Boulevard des Galeries-D’Anjou), or 514-694-7015 (2754 St. Charles Boulevard, Kirkland).

By: Stuart Nulman –

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