Six of the many reasons for compounding drugs

Compounding drugs

Have you ever experienced difficulty swallowing a certain medication your physician prescribed for you? Or had to take a med with an intolerable taste that you couldn’t keep in? Have you ever had to face the challenge of taking a medicine with accompanying side effects that made your condition worse? These are some of the common obstacles people face when taking medications. Even though it is necessary to follow prescriptions, it can still be challenging for some people.

Since not everyone is able to benefit from ready-made meds as they should, compounding drugs are the best solution in this case. In this article, we bring you the 6 most significant reasons why you should go for compounding drugs when the commercial ones fail.

compounding drugs

1.   Avoid Allergens

In many cases, patients may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients in drugs like gluten, preservatives, or other ingredients. Pharmacies that offer compounding drugs create different forms of the same prescribed commercial drug that include its main required compounds without adding any factors that cause allergies to the patient. Pharmacies that offer this service get to know the patient’s history to create the drug they can take safely based on their medical records.

2.   Easily Take Medication

Different liquid medications, especially for children, taste too sour and they refuse to take them. It gets frustrating for both parents and children, knowing that there’s no way out but to consume it. According to the trained pharmacists for compounding drugs at, children’s medication can be altered through compounding by adding flavors. This is done to make the taste more pleasant and alternatively, they can even change the medicine form and use the same required ingredients in the form of jelly candy or gummy bears. In other cases, they can change the drug and instead of having to take it orally, it can become topical; for example, compounding pharmacists can turn oral pain relievers into topical creams or gels.

3.   Reduce or Stop Side Effects

Every drug has ingredients that may cause dangerous side effects to some patients. One of the many services that compounding pharmacies offer is the alteration of ingredients to remove or replace those that cause discomfort or health issues to patients. This is so they can get better without having to suffer from side effects. One of the most known examples for this case is pain-relieving meds. They often cause stomach pain and digestion difficulties for people. One of the best ways to overcome this is replacing the components that affect certain patients with others that do not have the same effect.

4.   Substitute to Discontinued Drugs

Unfortunately, some pharmaceutical companies stop making certain drugs for different reasons, or the company shuts down altogether. Whatever the reason is, patients end up not finding their prescribed medicine that is crucial for their health condition. Compounding drugs come to the rescue in this case and people can get their prescription and continue taking them.

5.   Fix the Dosage

Another amazing service compound pharmacies offer to patients is the ability to fix the medication dosage by altering ingredients to give patients the dosage they’re more comfortable with. By fixing ingredients, the pharmacists can safely change the compound concentration to fit patient needs without causing any harm to them. Adjusting the dosage can help people take their meds at more flexible times, especially for patients who find it challenging to remember taking medication more than once a day.

6.   Help Patients Who Prefer Natural Ingredients

Many people refuse to take medications for fear of chemical reactions, or they are just preferring natural ingredients. In many cases, patients are quite sensitive to chemical intake, not just in drugs, and they believe natural ingredients are more helpful to them. Another great reason for having more compound pharmacies available is having skilled pharmacists make this possible. They make the use of natural ingredients possible to replace the chemicals in different prescribed drugs yet give the same effect required.

compounding drugs

Even though many people may be unfamiliar with compound drugs or find them somehow unusual, they really aren’t. In fact, many years ago, compound drugs were the only way people got their prescribed medication. Medicine wasn’t ready-made back then and companies that made pills or capsules out of them hadn’t existed yet or were very limited. This doesn’t mean in any way that commercial meds are useless or should be replaced, but having the option to change the different compounds in numerous meds to fit the patients’ needs is extremely useful to various people.

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