Organic dental hygiene – Tooth and Mouth

Organic dental hygiene

Organic dental hygiene – You have a small jar of Earth to Body Tooth Cleanser sitting in front of you.  You wonder why it is in a small jar and not in the more convenient tube? * You read the instructions.

With the small black spatula, you remove a pea size portion of the paste, as instructed. You insert it into your mouth allowing it to swoosh around and acclimatize. Then you grab your toothbrush and go to town.

The taste is OK.  True. It’s a little gritty.  True.  It is green.  True. Once finished, it makes the sink messy. 

You are not finished.  You now reach for the mouth freshener which just may become your BFF.

Wow.  Your teeth, your mouth, the portal to your entire body and eventually, your dentist, will be more than impressed. 

Why Suffer the Oral Care Confusion

To floss and or Water Pik?

What brush is best for me?



Trying to find truthful information on the best and healthiest oral care is not an easy task. What and whom to believe?  Confusion reigns.

Flossing can be an excellent form of oral care IF DONE PROPERLY and if a good natural floss is used. Most of us are amateur flossers and must learn to floss the proper way. A water pik could be an idea to also consider.

The commonly sold toothpastes and mouthwashes are a whole other story.   Most commercial brands contain the bad.   You do NOT want to go there.

Perhaps that is why you opted to try Earth to Body’s tooth cleanser and Earth to Body’s Mouth Freshener.  Once you have mastered the differences from what you have been used to, you will not be disappointed.

We make it simple by offering these 2 healthy options. The paste. The wash. The nutrition.

* The tooth cleanser is in a small jar because the texture is affected by temperature , thus a squeeze tube could not work. The coconut can change slightly with the temperature in the room.  It can rise to the top of the cleanser.  Sometimes you need to stir it a little bit.  It takes more work than a toothpaste in a tube.  But it’s worth it. And eco-friendly.

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