Six reasons to drink hemp tea – It’s good for physical and mental health

hemp tea

Hemp tea is indispensable for the recovery and restoration of the kidneys and liver and the normalization of lung function. It alleviates the symptoms of respiratory diseases. The action of such a drink is multifaceted: it helps to strengthen health, calm down, and get rid of pain. What are the other benefits of buying tea at online dispensary Canada and how legitimate is it to drink it?

Hemp tea

What are the benefits of the drink?

Improves heart and vascular function. Hemp tea helps strengthen the cardiovascular system, but as long as you eat a balanced diet and take the time to exercise regularly. The tiny doses of cannabinoids in the tea not only improve circulation and strengthen vascular walls but also lower blood pressure:

  • Helps to get rid of the pain. Already in half an hour after drinking the drink, the pain begins to subside, and in another 2-3 hours it disappears completely. Tea is effective in chronic pain of various kinds, including migraines and arthritis;
  • Reduces symptoms of depression. Hemp is rich in antioxidants that promote cellular repair, including the nervous system, and have an anti-inflammatory effect. They ensure the normal functioning of the tissues and blood vessels of the brain; 
  • It improves digestion and gets rid of nausea. Tea from hemp helps restore appetite and strengthens the walls of the stomach. Also, drinking alleviates attacks of nausea;
  • Normalizes sleep. Hemp tea before going to bed helps relieve tension, improves falling asleep, and makes sleep deeper; 
  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Cannabinoids in hemp tea inhibit the synthesis of beta-amyloid proteins in the body that can trigger Alzheimer’s disease. These substances also improve the condition of brain vessels and protect nerve fibers. Therefore, people over the age of 50 can drink this drink daily. 

What about the composition?

The leaves of the plant, which have a unique composition, are used to prepare the tea:

  • Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant, participates in redox reactions and is essential for the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, and proper immune function;
  • Vitamin B3 – normalizes the work of the liver, stomach, spleen, and pancreas normalizes the microflora of the intestine, gently lowers blood pressure and normalizes the cardiovascular and nervous systems;
  • Phytocannabinoids – have anti-rheumatic, antipyretic, antiemetic, and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Trepans (volatile organic compounds) – have a relaxing effect on the central nervous system, which is especially important in combating chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, and depression;
  • Essential fatty acids Omega-3 – help prevent the development of cardiovascular disease;
  • Gamma-linolenic acid normalizes the level of hormones in the body.

How to brew and drink hemp tea

How to brew hemp tea: one teaspoon of tea or tea bag, pour 200 ml of hot water (heated to 80 degrees), and let stand for 5-7 minutes. The drink can be consumed cold and hot, it is desirable not to combine it with food intake.

For flavour, you can add a small amount of sweetener. You can drink this drink at any time of day: in the morning, it will give you peace of mind, and in the evening, it will help to relieve stress and calm down. Buy hash online tea has another peculiarity. It gives a cool feeling in hot weather and gently warms up the body in the cold.

With regular use of hemp, tea normalizes the weight: missing kilograms are added, and the extra – are gone. Hormonal levels are normalized, and the immune system works better.

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