Traces of the previous universe

previous universe

   Among the many theories that explain the life cycle of our Universe, the “Conformal cyclic cosmology” is of particular interest. Its author is the famous physicist Roger Penrose, who is on a par with such personalities as, for example, Stephen Hawking.

   Today we can find lots of interesting information about the universe. So many books were written about it and so many games were created. Everything is said that the universe is not that safe and only people with great luck, strength, and amazing skill can survive there. If you really want to try to test your skills you can join another universe, read about rules here.


   The theory says that our world exists in a continuous cycle of birth and death. That means that our Universe had descendants, and after death, a new Universe will appear in its place. How will our universe end?

   Scientists believe that in the distant future, all the particles of our Universe that have mass will gradually be drawn into huge black holes. Gradually, the extremely expanded Universe will consist only of massless particles, which are photons, and black holes. This will not last forever. Due to Hawking radiation, any black hole gradually evaporates. It takes billions of years, but the end is predetermined.

  What is beyond the end

  According to Roger Penrose, with the disappearance of the last black hole in the universe, there will be no object relative to which you can measure. That is the very concept of space and time will disappear. The characteristics of the future Universe will not differ from the singularity, where the Big bang occurred and our world arose. As soon as this happens, a new universe will emerge from the singularity, and with it a new space-time.

    Recent discoveries of scientists have provided some evidence for the correctness of conformal cyclic cosmology. The fact is that conformal cyclic cosmology suggests the possible presence in our Universe of traces from the previous one. Such traces can be left by the only objects remaining at the end of the life cycle of the previous Universe and are called supermassive black holes. If they can be somehow detected, then only by studying the distribution of the cosmic microwave background radiation.

   So far, the world community is waiting for additional confirmation of the discovery structures. If the data is confirmed, the discovery of scientists can turn the whole modern idea of the life and evolution of the Universe.

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