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wrinkle reduction

The pandemic might have slowed people down a little, but it didn’t discourage them from wanting to look their best. There has been an increase in the desire for cosmetic procedures since the beginning of the pandemic. For some, those procedures may have to wait; things like plastic surgery may be on hold until the hospitals are no longer in danger of being overwhelmed by the increase in cases from the delta variant. Because of this, there has been a spike in the desire to find non-invasive, non-surgical options in the meantime.

wrinkle reduction
wrinkle reduction

Pandemic drives desire for younger appearance

One of the driving forces behind this sudden jump in the desire to look our best may be a result of the work-from-home zoom culture we’ve recently curated in an attempt to stop the spread of covid.

When you’re working from home, you generally have to get in front of the camera, which can be a shocking and eye-opening experience. There is a significant difference in how we perceive ourselves in the mirror and how we feel about our looks after spending hours and days staring at ourselves and others on high-definition super detailed computer screens.

Aging gracefully with non-invasive treatments

Most people will notice the things they like the least about themselves, the wrinkles they hadn’t seen, the way the skin is starting to sag a little under the chin. Unfortunately, we aren’t very kind to ourselves as we age; even as a love me as I am, acceptance culture is starting to emerge, we’re still not okay with the results of getting older. The drastic rise in non-invasive and invasive cosmetic procedures is a clear indicator that we simply aren’t there yet.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look as good as you possibly can, even if that means seeking out more drastic measures than making sure you use the right moisturizer and antiaging creams at night. Thankfully, it’s becoming more accepted to have these procedures done.

Advancements in procedures chasing the fountain of youth

And as we strive for a more youthful appearance, technology is moving right along with our desires. As a result, Med Aesthetics developments are advancing all the time. It’s amazing how far some of these technologies have come in the last ten years alone.

We’re constantly trying out new techniques and methodologies and developing technology to support those.

Powerful technology lets even small clinics offer big treatments

One of the things that we see more and more of is small clinics and offices investing in new big technology and devices to provide their clients with non-invasive or minimally invasive new options for skin care and wrinkle reduction.

Infrared treatment for repairing skin

Infrared treatments are growing in popularity, possibly because some recent studies show how well they can smooth skin, giving you a more even and soft texture.

One such technology that is becoming increasingly popular is a combination of treatments rolled into one. For example, long-pulse infrared, radio frequencies, and infrared therapies can be combined to produce dramatic results.

Intense pulsed light or IPL has been shown in studies to improve the signs of aging on the face.

Long pulse infrared light is used to help tighten the skin. It does this by penetrating and warming the dermis layer. This results in the collagen then contracting. The process effectively creates a way to contour the body without invasive surgeries.

Collagen, elasticity and wrinkles

Loss of collagen is one of the reasons that we begin to wrinkle as we age. Usually, around thirty-five, our bodies’ collagen production starts to decrease, and as we make repeated facial expressions, we inevitably end up with some wrinkles. These signs of aging are one of the biggest things people want to change when they are seeking non-invasive treatments.

Everyone wants to look young and healthy, and one of the ways to do this is to seek out ways to reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Wrinkles, if severe, can make a person look significantly older than they actually are.

RF treatments to tighten sagging skin

Medical Aesthetic machines are quickly becoming the answer to anti-aging treatments around the world. Another portion of these types of treatments is radio frequency technology. The RF treatments are designed through extensive research and results to encourage skin elasticity, something we lose as we age. For example, someone who has undergone drastic weight loss will be left with loose skin because it can’t just bounce back the way it might have at a younger age. In addition, sagging skin can result in excessive wrinkles around the chin and neck. However, RF treatments are showing positive results when it comes to helping tighten up that skin.

Lunchtime treatments, with no recovery

One significant advantage to these non-invasive treatments is that they don’t have any recovery time. You can visit a provider, have the procedure done over your lunch hour, and return to work without anyone knowing.

Always research your treatment center

You always want to ensure that you work with trained professionals when getting treatments with these new technologies. So be sure to ask questions, and if you don’t understand something, don’t be embarrassed. Instead, just ask them to explain it. Most of the time, the staff that works with these unique systems are more than happy to explain things to you before you get your treatment plan underway.

Individualized skin tTreatment plans

The number of treatments you will need to see results can vary greatly. It depends on how extensive the wrinkles you’ve developed are, among other factors. That’s why each treatment plan is individualized for you by a professional that understands what will give you the best results.

Technology and options for treatments to improve the impact of growing older are advancing all the time. These are affordable, safe, and effective methods to get back your youthful glow. When you look good, you are far more likely to feel good about yourself. The self-confidence boost these treatments can offer can improve your overall life.

Because these treatments have almost zero risks, the only thing holding you back from doing away with those unwanted wrinkles and sagging skin is you. The technology for anti-aging results is all over the world. You just have to make a choice to take advantage of it.

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