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What is indoor air quality

In Health
On August 11, 2020
On contemplating how most people go about their everyday lives in the modern-day - from waking up, hitting the gym and heading to work to going back home, it is easy to see that we spend the majority of our lives indoors. Studies show that...
Even though in most cases Alzheimer’s and dementia don’t drastically interfere with someone’s day to day life, they may have a certain influence on a particular set of skills. Namely, we are referring here to driving and how the aforementioned diseases can impair it. As...

Are generic drugs safe?

On August 7, 2020

Taking medication to treat a health problem is essential if your doctor prescribed it, but are generic drugs safe? If you're wondering about this, you should learn the differences between.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is picking up traction as a natural remedy in the healthcare industry. Claims have been made about the extract’s health benefits ranging from reducing stress to curing insomnia. But what exactly is CBD, and can CBD improve your health? Keep reading to...
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