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Nap rooms in Montreal?


Nap rooms in Montreal – Montrealers live hard, play hard and even commute hard – but most of all, we work hard. It is a city alive with a ‘joie de vivre’ like no other city in Canada. On Sunday November 3rd, we turned the clocks back one hour to standard time, effectively giving us an extra hour for the day. Waking up on Monday morning with the sun rising earlier, some people might have felt a little less groggy and more focused. But by Friday, it will feel the same as the week before, as our bodies adjust to the time change and regular routines drain our energy. Commuters will struggle to keep their eyes open on public transit, drivers will grow impatient dealing with traffic congestion and many will be falling asleep in front of their computer screens. There is not enough caffeine in our coffee to remedy the exhaustion from working hard. By the end of the day, the commute home will be in darkness, draining that last bit of vigor we have left. However, there just may be a remedy for it – taking a good nap at work.

Nap rooms in Montreal

Companies in Montreal with Nap Rooms

There are not many companies in Montreal who have ‘nap rooms’ in their offices, offering their employees a chance to catch a few winks. Some businesses see it as a positive way to increase productivity, whereas others see it as a loss of productivity or just plain laziness. A Toronto based company called ‘Nap It Up’ recently opened their first napping studio inside the Yonge-Eglinton Centre. For as little as $10 one can get 25 minutes of naptime and up to 85 minutes for a good snooze at only $30. They have 13 individual beds, all separated by blackout curtains for privacy and lavender-scented humidifiers. They make sure your sleep is not interrupted and all the bed sheets are changed after each visit. There are even ‘upgrades’ like larger beds, warm blankets, anti-snoring nose strips and vents and eye masks – all for a minimal fee. Would Montrealers benefit from a napping service like this? The science is there.

Studies by brain researchers show the majority of Canadians don’t get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to high blood pressure, weight issues, stress and compromised mental health – with work stress and job demands topping the list as the main cause of fatigue, compromising a good night’s sleep. So what do you say Montreal? Would a napping studio or a nap room in your workplace be a good idea?

By: Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca

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