Fat is not the enemy the gym is!

Fat is not the enemy

Treadmills, ellipticals, jungle gyms of weight lifting, fluorescent light, hamster wheel hell – Oh this place you know very well in which you have a love/hate relationship with. This place I am referring to – the Gym. Meanwhile outside of fluorescent light hell, weight loss products are one of the biggest hot ticket selling items on the market these days, and for good reasons. We have been taken away from our natural diets and given processed “faux” foods high in sugar, artificial ingredients, and toxins that the body has no clue what to do with, aside from packing them on and storing them as excess fat. Does Aromasin cause weight gain and how quickly does Aromasin work?

Does it surprise you that 70% of people in North America are over-weight? What I find even more shocking is the amount of people who are taking unsustainable action towards shedding their excess weight. One of them being the old paradigm of calorie counting and the other being killing themselves in the gym. I have a special rule when it comes to getting fit and healthy and that is “NO GAIN IF PAIN.” What I mean here is that if it is tedious and challenging it should not be done, life is meant to be FUN! You need to take action in ways in which will follow you as rules of thumb for the rest of your life, not temporarily. Temporary actions leads to temporary results.

The question that must be coming to mind now is can you really lose weight without keeping track of caloric intake and exercising minimally? My answer is ABSOLUTELY! You can lose all the weight you want and get fit and sexy without intense disciplines and self-sacrifice. You can do that as well as upgrade your IQ by more than 20 points AND learn to be perfectly focused in any situation-in rapid speed.

Pretty awesome concept isn’t it? Lose weight with minimal gym time and get smarter

Here’s how;

#1. Understand that Fats burn fat! We have been lied to when it comes to the low-fat paradigm. You want HIGH FAT in your diet, but you must make sure you are making your food combinations appropriately. A diet high in healthy fats and low in sugars and grains is where it’s at. No questions or exceptions!

#2. Consume good quality healthy fats. Now I’m not talking about any fat here, I am specifically talking about good quality healthy fats found in MCT oil, coconut oil, clarified butter (ghee) and grass fed butter, Avocados, and cold pressed organic olive oil. Another thing to note when choosing good quality oils is make sure they are packaged in dark glass not clear plastic!

#3. Eat your high quality fats first thing in the morning. What? UM yes. That’s right fat first thing in the morning. This keeps your body strong and energy levels even keel throughout the day. Just try it – I double dare you! Guaranteed if you are making the right food combinations and choices you will watch your waistline whittle away with little exercise or silly tedious boring (and uninspiring) counting calories.

To conclude – I am not saying sit around and eat high quality fats all day (movement is good in our lives and benefits us dearly). I am saying eat high quality fats, eat them at the right time of day, and watch the pounds melt away! I understand this may go against everything you’ve ever learned in regards to healthy weight loss, and you may have a bone to pick with me. I sincerely challenge you to try this one out, as someone who struggled with the right weight loss modality and tried just about everything in the book this is the most decadent and effective way to do it! And the bonus is you increase your mental stamina and IQ! (I’ll get into more of the science on this one if you book a nutritional consult with me)

So come on people! Get with the program – we have upgraded mostly everything in our life from our homes, cars, and technology – but why oh why are we sitting in the dark ages when it comes to weight loss and eating.

Our technology is prancing around sophisticatedly, while our bodies are degenerating from lack of proper nourishment. Are you one of those people still talking on a Nokia brick flip cellphone?…

Marina Love is a super food nutritionist, herbalist, chef, and raw chocolatier. If you would like to learn more about simple, delicious, and fun weight loss e-mail [email protected] to set up a Nutritional consult.

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