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drone delivery

Future drone delivery: Once satisfied the coast was clear, the hovering drone dropped the package on the front stoop and sped off. Mission accomplished: Musely delivered.

Musely is an online skin care prescription service available in the USA, not yet in Canada, but coming soon. Drone delivery of prescriptions made online is the future.

Home deliveries are always a desirable option. But ordering skin care prescriptions online is fairly new. Take Musely. A one stop shop. No visits anywhere. No need for personal contact. No need to chat behind a mask. No need for the skin specialist to see your skin. All orchestrated online. I decided to google Musely and follow the bouncing ball as far as I could.

Drone Delivery

Depending on needs, Musely offers various skin treatment SHOPS. The choices are:

  • Shop Skin (skin regeneration, the dull, droopy wrinkles)
  • Shop Spot (melisma, acne, scars)
  • Shop Peel (melisma, dark spots)
  • Shop Private (yes, the privates),
  • Shop Neck (the saggy, creepy wrinkles)
  • My own personal Skin Care Shop in just one click.

I then chose my state (remember, I am pretending to be in the US) so I selected Massachusetts for fun and was assigned a dermatologist for a 60-day treatment program. His name is David and his smiling photo looked eager to help me. Since Canadians are not eligible and I chose not to falsify info as to email address etc., I did not proceed further. But I knew the end result would mean me obtaining a prescription for my particular skin woe. The many ‘Before and After’ photos were constantly reassuring me of success. I tried Massachusetts again the next day and David was still working. Cool…my own private consultant.

Easy. But…No human contact. No one actually seeing my skin. Would anyone care what soap or creams I was currently using?  What if I have an allergy to the medication?  Without a trained eye actually doing the viewing, how can I be sure of the diagnosis? Photos are poor substitutes. Medical questionnaires are general and often vague.

By law, prescriptions cannot be returned. I researched the ingredients in many of the online prescribed offerings. Too many potential side effects.

26.17 mtltimes edition February 13, 2021

When Musely comes to Canada, people may start ordering their skin care prescriptions online. And most probably drone delivered. Convenient, yes.

But, perhaps there is a less risky road. Trying natural skin nutrition before diving into a cyberspace diagnosis might be one answer. We have many great testimonials from customers who, once they started feeding their skin good nutrition, had no need for the more expensive and perhaps precarious prescription.

We do provide a personal touch, online, by phone and in person at the store (all regulations in place). We deliver by mail. We have a great return policy.

But imagine, our natural skin care, handmade fresh and drone delivered the very same day, right to your door. 

Earth to Body Store Front

We stand behind our products. We give great customer service. Visit us at Subscribe to our newsletter. ‘La Boutique Earth to Body’, 89 Lucerne, Pointe Claire, QC H9R 2V1) Email   We are open again:  Store: Tues, Wed, Thurs: 10-4 For curbside pick-up Call store during store hours 514-428-0444  Outside hours call : 514-694-0705

By Martha Shannon -Earth to Body –

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