The solution to your sleepless nights – treating insomnia

treating insomnia

Learn about the different types of insomnia and whether all of them are treatable or not along with the most effective method of treatment.

What exactly is insomnia?

Are you someone who is continuously experiencing sleepless nights and have no idea of it? Most people don’t even recognize that they have clinical insomnia or don’t understand the concept of insomnia to give themself a peaceful night of sleep.

You may not be aware of it but insomnia is a pretty common sleep disorder that occurs among people of all ages. If you find it difficult to sleep at night or are constantly waking up every 30 to 40 minutes throughout the night or even if you wake up early in the morning and are unable to fall asleep at night, you probably have insomnia.

Usually, 7 hours of daily sleep is sufficient for most adults, however, it can vary depending on the individual. If you are not getting enough sleep and are worried that you may have insomnia, do not stress because insomnia is completely treatable, even though it may return occasionally.

What are the types of insomnia?

Even though you think that insomnia is just not being able to sleep at night, there is more to it. There are three different types of insomnia that everyone should be aware of. If your insomnia is making it difficult for you to function during the day then you should immediately consult a physician.

The acute insomnia

Acute insomnia is usually short term and is caused due to stress or experiencing a disturbing event. This type of insomnia can exist for a month and is also known as adjustment insomnia. There is nothing to be worried about as once your stress factor is removed or you get adjusted to the situation, this insomnia no longer persists.

The chronic insomnia

This type of insomnia lasts longer than a month. Here insomnia itself is a primary condition or is caused by an underlying medical condition or a side effect of any medication that is being taken. It can also be caused due to a psychiatric condition.

This can be treated by using medications after consulting with a doctor. Even though face to face is a risk, everything is being shifted to the virtual world and you can easily speak to a doctor and get medicines such as zopiclone online (works best with insomnia).

The transient insomnia

This is an extremely short term condition, it lasts less than a week and is caused either by a change in your sleeping condition or some kind of stress.

So if you are sleeping over at a friend’s place and you suddenly can’t seem to put yourself to sleep no matter what, you are experiencing transient insomnia. The problem will solve by itself as soon as you return to your normal environment or your stressor is removed.

What are the symptoms of insomnia?

Are you sitting there and trying to figure out if you have insomnia? Well here are some common symptoms of insomnia:

· Struggle falling asleep during the night time.

· Abruptly waking up from your sleep at night.

· Waking up too early in the morning and not being able to fall asleep again.

· Feeling restless even after a proper 7 hours of sleep at night.

· Feeling tired or sleepy during the day.

· Feeling depressed, anxious, or annoyed.

· Can’t seem to focus on the task at hand or remember things.

· Making deliberate errors and causing accidents.

· Continuously distressing about sleep.

What are some of the causes of insomnia?

There can be many reasons as to why a person may develop a sleep disorder.

Causes of acute insomnia

If you are someone who has acute insomnia, this could be due to an unexpected change in your environment leading to unfamiliarity, a stressor such as a job interview, an exam, or a deadline, extremely cold or hot temperature, increased intensity of light, or sound.

It can also be caused by an uncomfortable bed or floor mattress, problems in your relationship whether romantic or domestic, starting in a new place, and the death of a loved one.

Causes of chronic insomnia

A person may face chronic insomnia due to psychological conditions that result from bad sleeping habits or persistent stress, this is also known as psychological insomnia. Another type of insomnia that falls under this category is paradoxical insomnia which happens mostly due to depression or other psychological situations.

It can also be due to predisposed medical conditions such as migraine, sinus allergies, a cold that blocks your nasal passage, gastric or thyroid problems, enduring pain, sleep apnea, and certain neurological diseases. Insomnia can also be caused by taking medications for blood pressure, respiratory disorder, allergic (antihistamines), hormonal, and many more medicines.

Insomnia can also be caused due to substance abuse and drinking excess coffee or tea or anything that contains caffeine. Insomnia could also be a reason for behavioural problems that started since childhood and of course,  the possibility of getting a good night’s sleep decreases with age.

How can one treat insomnia?

For an insomniac, doctors suggest various therapies that may or may not include using medications. The most common being cognitive-behavioral therapy. This therapy itself has different sections to it.

Sleep sterility education

This section aims to spread awareness about habits that do not associate well with sleeping at night such as drinking caffeine in the evening or night, drinking alcohol, browsing the internet or watching shows in bed, inappropriate and extreme temperatures and noises.

Relaxation therapy accompanied by cognitive therapy

In relaxation therapy, you are taught how to control the tension and stress using a series of exercises where first your muscles are tensed and then they are systematically relaxed. In cognitive therapy, you are made aware of inaccurate myths about sleeping, meditation under the guidance of a trainer that will help you think about good things, and how to reduce stress and anxiety.

Therapy to control stimulus

In this type of therapy, the therapist attempts to change the perception of the bed for the patient by correlating it with sleepiness instead of arousal.

Therapy for sleep-restriction

This is based on the fact that if you spend too much time in bed, you will eventually get insomnia. The lesser time you can spend in bed, the better you will be able to sleep.

If you think you have insomnia, you better start working on your sleep schedule!

There is nothing to be scared of, if you end up having insomnia as it is easily treatable, just find yourself the right treatment and you will get back to a good night’s sleep in no time!

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