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Swoosh the counter wipe the dish with a Natural and organic cleaner

sparkly clean a fairy wish

spriz lavender wash sweet inhale

add baking soda to washing pail

dance the mop across the tile

nature clean elicits smile

toilet bowl of borax bubbles

Swirling eddy flushing troubles

Swish the brush round the bowl

Eco friendly

No danger flushed down the hole

Danger! Don’t dive down the hole!

avoid the Parma SLS

commercial cleansers NOT the best

they claim to clean and yes they do

but at a greater cost to you

And all of us

Natural and organic cleaner


the Wheeze, the Sneeze,

the Monster Headache

tired limbs and sorry eyes

no longer am I sick again

and why am I not surprised?

formaldehyde and propylene

Lysol Spray and Mr. Clean

chemicals to fry the brain

silently destroy and maim

Natural and organic cleaner


good old yellow bars of soap

slipping sliding on a rope

dirt defying the natural way

pass the vinegar, I say!

lavender and peppermint

lemon, lime, orange and thyme

chores accomplished with much pride

I’m The Cleaner. I decide.


It is not difficult to make your own natural cleaning supplies for your home. We can offer various essential oils, our all-purpose sanitizer and lavender linen spray to get you started. We do make, however, all natural cleansers for your body. Come visit us.

We stand behind our products. We give great customer service. Visit us at Subscribe to our newsletter. Visit our store: ‘La Boutique Earth to Body’, 89 Lucerne, Pointe Claire, QC H9R 2V1.  Email [email protected]

By Martha Shannon – [email protected]

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