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Few people know what hyperhidrosis is and this probably includes many of the one million Canadians who suffer from it, excessive sweating. The medical condition consists of excessive perspiration, or sweating–above and beyond what is needed to keep the body cool. The hands, underarms, and feet are typically affected, but other parts of the body can be, too.

Great for underarm treatment

Hyperhidrosis is a neuro-physical condition but this can lead to secondary problems such as warts, ingrown nails, skin infections. Psychologically, it can also lead to a reluctance to hold hands, cause anxiety, social ostracization, and even depression. Hyperhidrosis can affect patients physically, mentally, and socially. But many people are too shy to talk about this, explains Mathieu Mireault, sales director at Dermadry.

Best way to stop excessive sweating

Dermadry is a Montreal-based startup company with an effective and inexpensive way to treat hyperhidrosis. The company founder, Maxime Calouche, suffered from the condition, providing motivation for him to work on a treatment using an iontophoresis machine. The Dermadry machines have now been licensed by Health Canada.

Various studies have evaluated this method’s effectiveness at between 92 and 100%. Contraindications are listed in the product literature and include pregnancy or using a heart pacemaker.

Great to keep your palms dry

The best cure for hyperhidrosis excessive sweeting

Dermadry is an all-natural, non-invasive, needle-free, and drug-free treatment option that has revolutionized conventional hyperhidrosis treatment. Dermadry only requires the addition of tap water, which has made injections, aluminum-containing antiperspirants, and prescription medications for excessive sweating a thing of the past.

Dermadry – foot treatment for excessive sweating

Mireault’s job is not only to push sales at Dermadry, but also to raise awareness of hyperhidrosis. He is helped on that first objective by the approval of Health Canada as well as the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association and the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Dermadry made its first sale in late 2018 and now has a staff of about 30 trying to meet demand. While the products are available at the company head office, and at select Montreal area pharmacies, most sales are made online. Asia–especially Japan–and Europe have seen the most customers to date.

Our machines are guaranteed for year, but are expected to work for 5 years. The cost per treatment can thus be ridiculously low. Initially, perhaps 3 to 5 treatments are required per week, but once results are obtained, this can be reduced to perhaps once monthly to maintain results. The machines are super easy to use and take about 20 minutes per treatment.

Dermadry machine

Currently, the company is selling three main products: 1) Dermadry Hands & Feet; 2) Dermadry Underarms; and 3) Dermadry Total – For hands, feet and underarms. They retail from $329 to $349 USD ($445 to $472 CDN).

Dermadry products are very affordable compared to our main competitors, explains Mireault. Other iontophoresis machines typically cost about $1000 USD or more. They can also be more difficult to use.

A lucky (and sweaty) student will also be able to win a free Dermadry machine—and a $1,000 USD scholarship—by making a winning video about their hyperhidrosis story. Be creative! You can talk, dance, sing, act, or do anything in your video that showcases your individuality! reads the website. The contest ends Aug. 21.

A few peripheral products such as towels, underarm pockets, and electrodes are also offered by Dermadry.



9223, Langelier, Montreal, H1P 3K9 1 866 LIVE-DRY (5483-379)

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